Even during Shutdown, Our Ad Creative Agency Doesn’t Stop

Starting at


Turnaround in

1-2 Weeks

Full details on every offering are below — including costs and turnaround. This way, you get the ad types, ad formats, and creative assets you need at the right price for your business.

Whether it’s video ads for news feeds and native mobile advertising … or image ads for carousels and DPAs that propel your target audience from click-throughs to sales — we can help.

With assets, we’ll oversee the entire production process from start to finish. All you have to do is provide the products, ad copy, and call to action.

For campaigns, we’ll also build out a full placement strategy that includes briefing, directing, and editing. All tailored to fit your ad sets’ goals: brand awareness, full-funnel, or retargeting.

“We went from year low in sales when quarantine hit, to having our best weeks since Cyber Monday. Across 2020, our Facebook ROAS is now at 2.8 and Google is 4.4. Through that, Supply has grown 4.2x YoY.

“The key has been creative iteration, the right offer, and scaling rapidly. In all of that, CTC’s partnership has been irreplaceable.”

If you’ve been forced to …

  • Let your usual agency go due to budget
  • Cancel new production shoots indefinitely
  • Furlough internal marketing or creative teams
Don’t let this moment pass you by. Get the fresh creative your account needs.

    Our creators are ready
    to sell your stuff. (Are you?)

    User-Generated Content

    Put your customer front and center with raw authenticity.

    UGC (10) Assets: Affordable package of ten user-generated videos — native social content, ready for you to deploy.

    Includes two hand-picked creators each delivering five variations of a video testimonial.

    ⏰ $3,000: 2-week delivery

    UGC (25) Campaign: Complete advertising toolkit from five UGC creators with five versions of their video testimonials.

    In addition to briefing, directing, and editing, we’ll deliver a folder of assets optimize for placement and performance — all 25 UGC ads.

    ⏰ $7,500: 3-week delivery

    “The trends say we shouldn’t be successful. But we’re growing faster than ever before. How? By collaborating with social causes and pivoting to new opportunities quickly.

    CTC’s creativity, speed, and results have helped us increase sales 473% YTD and 796% YoY for the month of April.”

    3D Motion Graphics

    Bring your product to life with thumb-stopping brilliance.

    3D (1) Asset: ~30 seconds of 3D dynamic content to showcase a product that requires education … or simply deserves to be showcased in all its glory.

    Includes six angles of a single SKU rendered into one jaw-dropping video.

    ⏰ $5,000: 2-week delivery

    3D (25) Campaign: On top of the video, you’ll get 25 finished ads.

    These assets will be planned, prepared, and delivered in formats ready for your FB buying team to hit ROAS targets.

    ⏰ $12,500: 3-week delivery

    At-Home Creators

    Unleash a conversion-driving torrent, while your competitors stand still.

    Creators (5) Assets: Fill out a creative brief detailing your needs and strategy for our team of makers to execute.

    Includes five live-action assets of original content captured in our on-location facility or from within our community of creators.

    ⏰ $5,000: 1-week delivery

    Creators (25) Campaign: Select up to five SKUs and let us develop the marketing strategy, content, and ads.

    Includes 25 finished ads ready to launch, optimize, generate sales.

    ⏰ $9,500: 2-week delivery

    Start with the sale in mind and message the moment. We’ll optimize for platforms and ad placement. Measure the results. And scale what works.

    Yes. It’s that simple.

    Because it’s only creative if it’s creating profit. Ready for us to start creating?