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This detailed checklist unearths the most common mistakes holding brands back from scaling — as well as your biggest opportunities …

  • Basics: Is your email service provider (ESP) correctly integrated with your ecommerce platform, product feed, and tracking pixel?
  • Email List Building: How effective are your email and SMS sign-ups? Are your tactics compliant with privacy laws?
  • Automated Emails: Are core flows live, compelling, and coordinated — welcome email, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase, and VIP?
  • Newsletter & Campaigns: Are you mailing too much or not enough? Do you have the right balance of brand awareness with merchandising?
  • Creative: Aside from rendering properly, does your creative generate high open rates, click-throughs, and conversion rates?
  • List Health & Segmentation: Are new subscribers outpacing churn? And are you using data to better target your audience?
  • Deliverability: Is your account authenticated? Do your capture tactics or mailing practices put you at risk of landing in spam?
  • SMS Program Review: Are you taking advantage of this high engagement channel in an effective and respectful way?
Ecommerce email marketing audit

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