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Case Studies

As a full-service agency, we pride ourselves on being experts in every part of the sales process. We offer a full suite of services, from brand development to media buying, all of which are specifically tailored to tweak the variables that create revenue.

Here are a few examples of what happens when you hire CTC to help bring the ecommerce formula to life.

PupSocks had a slam-dunk product: a pair of brightly colored socks with a picture of your beloved pet printed on them.

With a great product, proof-of-concept, and money to spend, PupSocks had one goal over Holiday 2017: spend as much as possible at the best possible return—in 45 days.

The assignment


the strategy

We knew that people were going to want PupSocks’ product. So our strategy became about reaching as many of those people as possible.

Be prepared, as the Scouts say—we started our strategy by opening multiple ad accounts and pre-approving our spending limit with Facebook.

Then, we spent the time leading up to black Friday boosting the top piece of creative on the right.

It’s a simple, effective ad. The idea here was to preload the ad with engagement before launching it en masse when Black Friday hit.

In our ad accounts, we built multiple ad sets, targeting literally any potentially fruitful audience we could think of (Dog interest, of course; but how ‘bout Kardashian interest? Why not?)

The day of launch, we kept each ad set under the microscope—the moment our leading indicators showed movement, we killed underperforming sets and duplicated the ones that showed promise.

And when it was over? PupSocks had earned 4x ROAS on one of the biggest spends we’ve ever seen.

The results

90% of Annual Revenue Attributable to Campaign

100 Jobs Created

80,000 Purchases Over 45-day Period

Become A Success Story

DIFF was founded to take advantage of a huge disruption opportunity—85% of sunglasses brands (like Ray-Ban) and retailers (like Sunglasses Hut) are owned by a markup-happy conglomerate called Luxottica.

DIFF does things, well, DIFFerently: all you pay for is the eyewear. Plus, for every purchase, DIFF donates a pair of reading glasses to those in need, which means the difference between poverty and prosperity for many people.

We caught the DIFF vision...and set out to get millions of people to do the same.

The assignment


the strategy

The pay-for-post model for influencer marketing is getting outdated—organic reach on Facebook isn’t what it once was.

But DIFF had a great influencer program and the need to grow their customer base. We:

  • Sourced ads featuring self-shot testimonials from the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner, and many others, especially reality tv stars with avid fan bases.
  • Ran testimonials as paid ads through influencers’ pages.
  • Ran interest targeting by influencer.

We found that the raw quality of the iPhone video felt much more real than a higher-quality post, and we saw massive results at the prospecting level with influencer fanbases.

And, of course, that massive reach translated into even better remarketing pools, culminating in DIFF Day, a beginning-of-spring sale that resulted in almost 10,000 sales on a single day.

The results

Over 30M people reached at profit

Over 200,000 purchases on Facebook alone

200,000 pairs of reading glasses donated

Become A Success Story

Boost circulation. Reduce lactic acid buildup. Relieve pain—instantly.

With such great value propositions, we knew that if we put this vibration therapy device in the right hands, we’d be able to grow TheraGun from one chiropractor’s dream into an international reality.

The assignment


the strategy

TheraGun is a high price-point product; and that needs validation from high-profile people. We knew we needed to create content that positioned TheraGun as the muscle relief choice of the world’s best athletes. With that in mind we:

  • Developed premium, high-quality video content highlighting the product.
  • Used our influencer network to get product in the hands of the elite triathletes, CrossFitters, and NFL stars.
  • Used Facebook targeting to match influencer with audience.
  • Used a mix of high-quality to creative and reaction videos to show the immediate effect and long-term quality of the brand.

The results

620% Website Revenue Growth

800% Growth in website traffic

Become A Success Story

How do you help a $200M+ sports lifestyle brand launch their ecommerce business and scale profitability? Founded in the heart of Boston over 70 years ago, ’47 has deep roots in sport. Despite their long-standing history and commitment to tradition, they knew it was time to expand their brand experience directly to new groups of consumers online.

In their first year working with us, we launched their online sales strategy starting with paid search. Soon after we tapped into more of their potential in paid social advertising.

The assignment

grow website traffic and revenue via paid social

the strategy

’47 has partnerships with the best teams in the four biggest leagues. What they needed more of was the ability to reach and connect with their customer base on the platforms they use every day. They wanted to thoughtfully target more fans while minimizing wasted spend.

Here's what we did:

  • Built and launched both Facebook and Google ad accounts focused on new customer acquisition.
  • Created custom collection-style ads that focused on communicating the range of teams and styles available on site.
  • Focused ad spend around the launches of new collections throughout the calendar year to maximize the sell through of new inventory.
  • Leveraged 47’s history in the copy used in dynamic product ads as a way to create trust and encourage visitors to make their first purchase.

The results

103% growth in 2017

4000% increase in sales via social

8M+ reached via paid social at profit

123% growth YOY in Q1 of 2018

Become A Success Story

It was a “crazy” idea—introducing a baseball bat with an axe-like handle. After all, the round-handled bat had been working just fine since the days when players grew mutton chops and had team names like “The Bridegrooms.” And if it’s good enough for Ruth, Mantle, and Mays, it’s good enough for you. Right?

The guys at Axe Bat thought otherwise. But before they came to CTC, Axe Bat had spent a huge chunk of change on digital ads convincing people to switch from the round handle, with mixed success.

Over their first year of working with us, we executed a full-funnel strategy that helped grow Axe Bat from a left-field dream into a Major League contender.

The assignment

Transform Axe Bat From Fringe Option To Category Leader In The Hyper-Competitive Baseball/Softball Bat Industry

the strategy

The data is all there: the Axe Bat handle really makes a huge, positive difference in the quality of your swing. But how do you convince bat buyers, a famously skeptical group, that this is the case? We knew we needed Major League validation to ease the minds of Baseball Dads everywhere.

Here's what we did:

  • Developed an ecommerce friendly website flow that highlighted the Axe technology.
  • Created prospecting ads from high-quality content featuring Red Sox star Mookie Betts.
  • Created custom remarketing audiences based on the type of bat page—high school, youth, fastpitch, and slowpitch—users had visited.
  • Ran product-focused remarketing ads to those audiences, using videos that explained, at length, the specific advantage the axe-shaped handle provides to each type of hitter.

The results

400% year-to-year Growth

11m reached via paid social

Become A Success Story