Case Studies:
Making Entrepreneurs Dreams a Reality

Common Thread Collective exists to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. That’s been our mission since day one.

With an emphasis on strategy, we live into that mission by guiding brands to scale beyond $2M-$30M in annual revenue profitability – across acquisition, conversion, and retention – by leveraging the Ecommerce Growth Formula:

Ecommerce Growth Formula: (Visitors x Conversion rates x Lifetime value) - Variable costs = Profit

From paid media to creative to full-service planning — we’re in the business of making dreams a reality.

Here’s what happens when you hire CTC to help bring the Ecommerce Growth Formula to life.

“Since partnering with CTC, Dorsal has grown 710% YoY. We achieved our first dream of $500k annual sales within months and will demolish our second dream of $2M in 2020.”

“Our media buyer, Ryan, has been incredible from day one — especially his role in helping us sell internationally and positioning Dorsal’s mission from the ad creative to the copy to the landing pages.

As a marketing agency, they understand how to drive demand on social-media platforms through native, influencer, and direct-response content. Their big-picture approach then capitalizes on that demand on both social and Google.”

Chad Ross, Founder at Dorsal Bracelets

By helping these entrepreneurs achieve their dreams (and more), we pride ourselves on being growth experts in every stage of the online sales process.

From creative content to media buying, our solutions are specifically tailored to tweak the variables that create revenue.

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