Build Your Predictable, Profitable
Growth Plan

We’ll implement our ecommerce operating system by connecting the dots between marketing and finance and setting a foundation for your best year yet.

Tired of missing your forecasted growth goals?

Every year, we deliver on billions of dollars in forecasted revenue for our customers. Through that process, we’ve discovered a critical truth:

You can’t grow profitably without a profit-focused operating system.

Unfortunately, most brands simply don’t have the time or resources to step back from the day-to-day and put the necessary structure in place.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve built the world’s best system for planning and executing profitable growth … and we want to implement it for your brand.

But don’t take our word for it …
Dave Huffman, CMO at Ancestral Supplements

I honestly don’t know how to describe the gap between how advanced CTC is versus any agency I’ve worked with, and I honestly feel bad for people who don’t know about this …

Dave Huffman,
CMO at Ancestral Supplements

Introducing … The Prophit System

The Prophit System combines quantitative analysis via data modeling with qualitative knowledge of your brand to produce a detailed plan that you’ll take to the bank. 

And we execute it in just 3 steps:

1. Diagnose the Problem

We begin by entering key data into the Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit, an assessment that produces your Growth Quotient.

Your Growth Quotient benchmarks your growth potential and diagnoses key areas of improvement.

Calculating Growth Quotient using the 10 duckweed metrics Calculating Growth Quotient using the 10 duckweed metrics Calculating Growth Quotient using the 10 duckweed metrics

2. Build a Growth Map

This detailed document connects to our integrated database and allows us to create your:

  • 2-year P&L-level forecast
  • Marketing calendar for every day of the year
  • Channel-specific media plan
  • Cohort-specific retention model
  • Spend and aMER model

All of which update and actualize in real time.

See how our spend and acquisition efficiency model informs our forecasting process

3. Establish Clear Targets

Once your Growth Quotient and Growth Map are established, you’ll have a plan that includes daily expectations for over 35 critical metrics.

These automatically sync with Statlas — the only platform on earth that displays data in the context of forecasted expectations.

Statlas dashboard previewStatlas dashboard preview

The End Result: You Reach Your Destination More Often

Over $4 billion in GMV, we’ve forecasted to about 6% above target for the entire year. That’s because the Prophit System provides team members with clear responsibilities, straightforward success metrics, and a daily execution plan that aligns to the business objective.

Statlas Results

Get access to the growth system used by:

Cody Plofker, CMO at Jones Road Beauty

We want to grow, but not do so at the expense of profitability. To help us find the right balance of spend and efficiency, we turned to CTC to model our data and find the right strategy to maximize profit. Highly recommend them.

Cody Plofker,
CMO at Jones Road Beauty

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