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Stop solving problems you don’t actually have.

When a business misses revenue targets and growth stagnates, too many brand owners and CMOs act like your dad when the car breaks down …

Use “gut instinct” to guess at the problem, then try to fix it themselves.

The Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit gives you the tools to:

  • Identify the 10 duckweed metrics, explained in the diagnostic whitepaper

    Uncover your biggest opportunities for growth

    Identify high-impact changes by focusing on our 10 ‘duckweed’ metrics — and learning which metrics are hurting your brand’s GQ score.
  • Identify weak points with the help of Statlas, our proprietary analytics tool

    Precisely identify your weak points

    See which metrics are below our GQ benchmark and learn about the different levers you can pull to improve.
  • Prioritize changes with custom recommendations for your brand after completing the assessment

    Prioritize changes that will impact your bottom-line

    No more guessing how to hit your revenue targets. See where your brand falls short, then make changes to impact your bottom line.

Introducing: The Growth Quotient

Your Growth Quotient, or GQ, is an overarching score to benchmark growth potential.

GQ is calculated based on your brand’s performance against 10 key metrics. And it’s the key number to affect your ability to grow.

Calculating Growth Quotient using the 10 duckweed metrics Calculating Growth Quotient using the 10 duckweed metrics Calculating Growth Quotient using the 10 duckweed metrics
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Discover what’s included in the Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit.
Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit

More than just another whitepaper …

The Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit contains:

  • A guide to the principles behind rapid growth
  • A breakdown of the 10 metrics that go into Growth Quotient
  • A 26-question interactive Growth Quotient assessment
  • A custom downloadable report breaking down your Growth Quotient score
  • Recommendations on next steps based on your results

Plus, you’ll get 30 free days of Statlas, our proprietary data analysis tool.

*Where you’ll find the metrics necessary to fill in the assessment.