Google Shopping Ads for Ecommerce: Your Growth Agency

NJ Falk, Managing Partner at APL

“The Common Thread Collective team is the ideal ecommerce growth agency partner for APL. As we’ve expanded our already incredible and extensive online offerings over the course of 2020, it’s been critical to match these initiatives with a highly focused, digital interactive dialogue with our customer base.”

“CTC has worked tirelessly to ensure APL continues to dominate the search results page and support our overall DTC growth goals.”
NJ Falk,
Managing Partner at APL

1. Under Spending on Google Shopping

Two-thirds of all paid clicks on Google go to product listing ads (PLAs) — also known as Google Shopping Ads or Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Unfortunately, most search budgets dramatically underspend on this prime and high-intent ad space. Worse, rather than optimize your product feed to display key buying triggers, data gets abandoned to its default setting.

If you’re not spending >60% your budget on Shopping campaigns, then we can unleash Google Shopping as a new customer engine.

Google Shopping Ads for eccomerce with unbranded term: ID racelets Google ad for eccomerce with unbranded term: pet portraits
  • Product reviews

  • Product category

  • Product title

  • Product description

  • Product groups

  • Product type

  • Product images

3. Bottom of the Funnel ‘Scraps’

The real key to scaling search engine marketing goes beyond search.

It’s a full-funnel approach that infuses your best creative into channels like YouTube and display advertising. Customizing content for placement and performance unleashes your brand everywhere customers turn.

branded lasso Google shopping behavior diagram

Google calls this new shopping behavior the “messy middle.”

We call it the “brand lasso” — uniting demand generation with demand capture:

  • >60% Google Shopping Ads
  • 20% Search Text Ads (Adwords)
  • <10% Branded Search Terms
  • 8% Video and YouTube
  • 3% Display Network

If you’re stuck using paid search to capture bottom-of-the-funnel shoppers, we can unlock new growth at scale.

Bram Hutchinson, VP Ecommerce at Igloo
“Common Thread Collective has been a true partner in our growth. They’ve helped us achieve a 5.66 ROAS across Google Ads while scaling, and combined with managing our social spend, we’ve seen paid media return of over 30% YoY.”
Bram Hutchinson,
VP Ecommerce at Igloo

It all starts with a
34-point Google
Account Audit to find out if we’re the right partner.

This detailed checklist unearths what’s holding your brand back — as well as your biggest opportunities …

  • Conversion Tracking: Correct setup and configuration for Google Ads Conversion Tag and Global Site Tag
  • Ads, Bid Strategy & Campaigns: Audit cost-per-click, conversion rate, daily budget, Quality Score, and ads to Ad Group ratio (2:3)
  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERP): Keyword research and extensive test searches for all applicable Ad Extensions
  • Creative: Ad copy, Responsive Search Ads, Responsive Display Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Expanded Text Ads, and YouTube videos
Ecommerce Google Shopping ads audit

Let us show you what you might be missing with a free account audit:

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Bear Handlon, CEO of Born Primitive
“Google Shopping has become one of Born Primitive’s most profitable channels.

With the addition of Google, we’ve increased our total paid-media ROI 59% over the last 5 months. The Google Ads gave us a phenomenal 13.31 ROAS.

Common Thread’s team knows what it’s doing.”
Premiere Google Partner
Google Shopping eccomerce ads
Youtube eccomerce advertising
Bing Partner
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Google Shopping & Digital Marketing Strategy

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Additional marketing services are also available: landing pages and product pages, Facebook ad buying, email marketing, ad creative, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and more.

But, if you’re ready to see what our expert Google buyers can do to help you grow …

Find out if we’re the right partner with a 34-point audit …

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