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Frustrated your business can’t hit its goals?
You’re not alone.

But the solution isn’t another paid social agency.

It’s a partner that unites your marketing channels under a single profit-generating system.

How it Works

Growth Services

How is a Full-Service Growth Team different from a typical marketing team?

Each of our services is part of a greater whole — it's a tech-enabled partnership that covers everything from strategy and data to acquisition and retention.

NJ Falk, Managing Partner at APL
“Common Thread Collective is the ideal ecommerce growth partner for APL.”

“CTC articulates and executes innovative marketing strategies on a daily basis and during key launches. The team is in constant communication with us to finesse our strategy with unparalleled service.”

NJ Falk,
Managing Partner at APL

Ready to bring the top-to-bottom potential of your business to life? So are we! And we couldn’t be more excited to connect:

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Matthew Murray, COO & CMO at Love Wellness
“I’ve partnered with CTC at two separate companies, across four years, and tens of millions in revenue.”

“Through the ups and downs, the team’s commitment to listening, collaborating, and pushing the envelope with out-of-the-box growth tactics is what has kept me on team CTC.

“Too many agencies are a matrix of operational layers, and although our dedicated team at CTC is best-in-class, the fact that its CEO is available solidifies CTC’s commitment to success. This is why I trust them, and you should too.”

Matthew Murray,
COO & CMO at Love Wellness
(Visitors x Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value) - Variable Costs = Profit


Drive more and higher-quality traffic to your ecommerce site to scale spend profitably.

  • Full-funnel advertising across PPC and paid social channels, set at the SKU, price point, or offer level to win from the first purchase
  • High-converting creative rooted in analytics that propels shoppers forward, metric-by-metric
  • Better prospecting margins by combining intent, post-purchase behavior, and COGS
  • Intelligent email marketing campaigns that separate customers, visitors, browsers, and cart abandons
  • Influencer marketing to expand your reach, create hyper-targeted audiences, and content production powerhouses
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(Visitors x Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value) - Variable Costs = Profit

Conversion Rate

Sell more, more often … and increase margin by merchandising your ad account.

  • Ad account merchandising puts your most-profitable SKUs front and center because onsite CRO only get you so far
  • On-brand ad assets combined with message mapping brings a cohesive user experience to your ecommerce store
  • Speed and mobile optimization benchmarking across all major platforms including Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce
  • Pricing strategies and offers to captivate shoppers, lift AOV, and fuel seasonal + evergreen growth

Email capture, reviews, UGC, subscriptions, and in-cart or post-purchase upsells integrated via our technology partners

(Visitors x Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value) - Variable Costs = Profit

LTV: Cash Multiplier

Accelerate your 60-, 90-, or 120-day LTV to fit your cash flow and build your business.

  • Drive lifetime value by front-loading new customer acquisition with your best first-purchase products
  • Post-purchase funnels to guide shoppers naturally through upsells, cross-sells, bundles, and gifting
  • Personalize email marketing and SMS automation to maximize revenue while influencing customer journeys
  • Loyalty, membership, or subscription programs that compound monthly recurring revenue and deepen your relationships
  • Co-marketing partnerships around shared audiences for causes, giveaways, and collaborations
Bambu Earth ecommerce post-purchase emails for customer retention
Bambu Earth ecommerce post-purchase emails for customer retention

All organized around LTV analysis by seasonality, products, acquisition channels, campaigns, and demographics …

lifetime value analysis through Statlas
(Visitors x Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value) - Variable Costs = Profit

Variable Costs

The least-understood, least-sexy … most-critical element of profitable growth.

If costs increase as orders rise, that’s a variable cost. As opposed to fixed costs — like rent and operational overhead — VCs cover COGS, platform and payment processors, pick-and-pack, fulfillment, and CAC: total spend including agency fees.

The real question is two-fold:

  1. How do you measure and optimize variable costs?
  2. I thought you did social media marketing. Why would you want to get so intimately involved?

For the first, we follow a four-quarter accounting matrix. Each represents a portion of your revenue that signals the health of that component as well as areas of opportunity for growth.

Four-quarter accounting principle
Four-quarter accounting principle
What about the second question?

Put simply, we got our start as entrepreneurs, growing our own brands from the ground up. We know what it takes to succeed: a deep understanding of the numbers.

The numbers — the real financial position of your business — help us answer questions as varied and specific as:

  • Should we expand into Amazon?
  • Is search engine optimization really our issue, or should we push into paid search?
  • Is our content marketing strategy aligned with our retention goals?
  • Is ad spend aligned with inventory constraints?
  • Is that upsell-cross sell Shopify app a waste of money?
Four-quarter accounting principle

Ready to maximize profit and smash your goals? Give us a call — we’re ready, too.