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The Brand

Love Wellness is a leading female-first wellness company on a mission to provide body-positive personal care products and empowering education for women.

Made with women's unique biology in mind, Love Wellness sets the new standard for women's health, offering products with clean ingredients that range from fiber supplements, probiotics and digestive enzymes that optimize gut health, to personal cleansers, suppositories and lubricants.

Beyond products, Love Wellness is committed to changing the narrative around self-care and helping women feel supported, welcomed, and safe during their wellness journeys.

Love Wellness articles, press coverage and mission

"I became aware of the lack of clean, body-positive personal care products for women during 2015, a time when I was unwell and spent a good amount of time at the doctor’s office and at drugstores,” said Founder & CEO, Lauren Bosworth.

“When I was willing to shift my perspective on what was actually agreeing with my body, I put together the initial products for Love Wellness and made the decision that this brand would be the first one in personal care to educate women about their bodies in a positive way.”

“We teach women to love themselves well, and that message has resonated far and wide. Taking care of your body isn’t a shameful experience, it’s something we deal with in a respectful and informed way at Love Wellness."

Armed with authenticity and backed by a celebrity founder, Bosworth’s body-positive brand arrived with a flurry of PR in late 2016.

Over the next year, growth continued; nonetheless, an impasse loomed that — celebrity or not — all bootstrapped brands inevitably face: how to drive new growth through new customers rapidly and profitably.

The Challenge

“The core of our strategy has been what I call ‘BluePrinting’ – identifying the brand’s greatest challenges or negative spaces,” said COO & CMO Matthew Murray.

“Once identified, we turn those challenges into opportunities to grow the business. Transforming negative space into positive space.”

And this meant mastering paid media at scale … in two challenging stages.

“First, as a new business that was self-funded by Lauren Bosworth from the beginning and balancing upfront costs, the challenge was that we weren’t in a position to grow spend initially,” said Murray. “We didn’t know what success looked like on paid social yet.”

To cross that initial divide, the brand teamed up with Common Thread Collective in 2018 … and immediately set out to spend more in their first month than they had ever spent in the past combined.

Ambitious? Absolutely. But, Black Friday was coming fast.

Love Wellness Black Friday 30% Off ad images

The 2018 campaigns smashed, leading to the largest holiday season in the company’s history and 2.70 ROAS.

By 2019, Love Wellness’s surpassed its original revenue dream — this time increasing spend by 683% while maintaining a 3x ROAS.

Of course, winning during the holidays is one thing.

The second challenge — the real challenge — was maintaining growth during the slower shopping periods of Q1 and Q2 …

The Solution

To garner new customers, Love Wellness switched from engagement to a conversion-based Facebook ad campaign strategy.

This buying methodology was further bolstered by creating Dynamic Ads to a Broad Audience on Facebook (DABA).

It provides relevancy at scale, presents an acquisition strategy that is supported by user behavior, and generates results that are measurable down to the product level.

When Dynamic Ad campaigns are in place, it’s easy to test the ability to capture an audience based on real-world signals.

DABA doesn’t work for every brand … but it worked for Love Wellness. Why?

Because its eye-catching catalog, filled with bright colors and chic product packaging, was brought to life.

On social media, where you have an average of fewer than three seconds to capture someone’s attention, it’s important that your product images pop and brand aesthetics are strong.

Love Wellness creative testing ad images

It’s only creative if it’s creating profit. Our creators are ready to sell your stuff. (Are you?)

Utilizing PR in Love Wellness’ ads has been a major key to validate the product and gain the trust of consumers, while also boosting ROAS.

This key insight triggered obsessive testing of creative and copy to improve the performance of even the best-performing ads.

Wins began stacking up fast …

  • A quote from Forbes vs other publications: +80% ROAS
  • A change of background from blue to white color: 2x ROAS
  • A headline variation from “🙅🏻‍♀️No More Bloating 🙅🏻‍♀️” vs “Loved by Forbes, PEOPLE and ELLE Magazine”: +18% ROAS on 3x spend

Love Wellness product images creative testing

“We really started winning for them when we figured out which were the best products to use for prospecting and remarketing,” said Growth Guide, Michelle Luo. “We learned the power of strong copy and putting the product first.”

After creative testing, the team structured the account by SKU-specific funnels. Segmenting products into different ad sets, finding its best audience, setting individualized cost and bid caps led to far greater efficiency.

This focus on product led to the creation of ad-specific landing pages.

It was no longer just about the creative.

It was about the entire experience, from ad to landing page. Coupled with heat map tracking, conversion rates more than doubled.

Love Wellness quiz and Forbes ads

Added to this strategy was building out specific interest audiences for paid media conversions. Rather than rely on audiences in Facebook Ads for long-term growth, this instead allowed for the best possible LTV to sustain the brand.

LTV was further bolstered by running ad creative to a product-quiz landing page. “Taking the quiz not only engaged our customer base in a meaningful way, it also yielded highly qualified customer leads as a result,” said Murray.

As a final touch, by Q3 of 2019, it also began closing the gaps on search.

The tactic — lovingly referred to as the “Brand Lasso” by CTC’s Director of Paid Search, Tony Chopp — closes holes in the bottom of the funnel with Google Shopping.

For Love Wellness that meant a 33.3% increase in revenue from Google Ads between Q4 ‘19 and Q1 ‘20.

By April, detailed feed optimization and lower-cost traffic set a record high for gross revenue from Google Ads in a single month.

This holistic experience paid off massively in 2020.

“During the Spring months of 2020, we had an extremely captive audience,” said Murray. “Then and now, we’re spending at the top of funnel to build brand awareness, we’re bringing new customers directly into the funnel, and we’re bringing others back through an engaging customer journey.”

Love Wellness ecommerce ads

Matthew Murray, COO & CMO at Love Wellness
“I’ve partnered with CTC at two separate companies, across four years, and tens of millions in revenue.

“Through the ups and downs, the team’s commitment to listening, collaborating, trusting new strategies, and pushing the envelope with out of the box growth tactics is what has kept me on team CTC. No matter the issue, the ability to call and meet with the CEO — who I now truly consider a friend — is just the cherry on top.

“Too many agencies are a matrix of operational layers, and although our dedicated team at CTC is best-in-class, the fact that Taylor is available solidifies CTC’s commitment to success. This is why I trust them, and you should too.”

Matthew Murray,
COO & CMO at Love Wellness

The Results

Product-quiz landing pages for education alone drove over 450,000 qualified email addresses in four months.

“Our email list was at 50k last fall,” said Murray “and is now in the half a million category. This is one of the most qualified customer leads you could ever want”.

This then supplied a remarketing audience in the millions built on Facebook and Instagram. It resulted in a 380% increase in first-time customers during Q1 and Q2, plus a 5.1 ROAS on the campaign.

As a result of paid Facebook and Google Shopping strategy, Love Wellness has 5x’d their ROAS in addition to a 5x YoY increase in its customer base.

“Since partnering with Lauren in 2018, Love Wellness has grown over 4,500%” said Murray.

By testing to improve performance, creating dynamic ads to a broad audience, and building product-specific landing pages, ecommerce YoY growth is +300% in 2020.

Love Wellness: By the Numbers

Lauren Bosworth, Founder & CEO of Love Wellness
Over the next 12 months, CTC is partnering with us to achieve our dream in annual revenue.
Lauren Bosworth,
Founder and CEO of Love Wellness

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