Snow Teeth Whitening: 2.4x Increase In Purchases & A Total Inventory Sellout

Snow Teeth Whitening

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The Brand

Snow Teeth Whitening is an oral healthcare brand that focuses on bringing people confidence through a beautiful smile.

For the launch of its at-home teeth whitening system, they partnered with CTC to advertise it’s cutting edge technology.

Snow Teeth Whitening homepage

The product connects to a smartphone and uses unique LED tech for accelerated whitening. Its patented system even allows Snow’s customers to track their whitening progress via a mobile app.

With celebrity backing from stars like Rob Gronkowski and a charitable mission of donating a percentage of each sale goes to families who cannot afford dental care — the future was bright.

The Challenge

Expanding its oral care line and wanting to reach new customers … it set a bold goal.

Completely sell out the new product upon launch.

Selling out inventory is already hard enough. But, to add to the hurdle, it launched the product during the holiday season, amidst a crowded landscape of ecommerce businesses dominating market share.

To win, meant finding and converting new customers during the most competitive season of the year.

The Strategy

Snow’s strategy unfolded in two parts.

First, it focused 75% of its budget on finding new customers up until the day before Black Friday. Already home to a stable of influencers …

Snow influencer ads

… the team leaned into that aesthetic and created pre-holiday-related video ads showing people using the product, backed by Facebook’s automatic placement and campaign budget optimization.

This allowed Facebook to automatically select the placement of the ads where they were performing best across Facebook’s family of apps and then allocate higher budgets to the ads that performed the best.

Second, the campaign switched gears to focus 75% of its budget on remarketing to people who had either viewed the video ads or engaged with Snow’s Facebook Page.

Utilizing Facebook’s campaign budget optimization (CBO) was key.

Running a CBO campaign made the most efficient use of Snow’s spending to get it the overall best results and still ensured that the cost of those results aligned with the CTC team’s bid strategy.

Snow showed ads to these groups centered on BOGO: buy one, get one.

After Cyber Monday, it wasn’t over … now even after that.

The team duplicated the Black Friday offer, creative, and ads. Then, tailored them to be more appropriate to the holiday season. Since they were re-engaging with an audience that had become familiar with the brand, the messaging angle was congruent with their stage in the buying journey.

Snow holiday-themed ad creative

The final outcome? A total inventory sell out.

“By crafting a compelling offer and pairing it with Facebook’s ad platform, we were able to reach over 20 million Americans in Q4,” said Josh Elizetxe, CEO of Snow. “The impact of these campaigns has assisted Snow in becoming the leader in premium oral care.”

The Results

By driving visitors and then remarketing to those who showed interest with Facebook advertising, its product launch sold out and resulted in …

  • 1.7x overall ROAS
  • 2.4x increase in purchases
  • 23,000 families received free dental care as a result of company donations from these sales

Snow Teetch Whitening by the numbers

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