What Is a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) & Why Is ‘Premium’ About More than Facebook Ads and Social Media?

Aaron Orendorff

by Aaron Orendorff

Jun. 24 2020

Late last year, we were honored to announce that Common Thread Collective had been selected as a Facebook Premium Partner — the highest-ranking agency certification within Facebook Marketing Partners Program.

Good news for CTC. Great news for our clients. And even better news for …

Ecommerce owners or operators overwhelmed by the flood of social-media marketing choices.

If you’re frustrated by the sea of same surrounding Facebook ad agencies, we’ve created this short guide to answer three questions:

  1. What Is the Facebook Marketing Partners Program?
  2. How Does Facebook Award Different Verification Levels?
  3. Why Choose a ‘Premium’ Facebook Agency Partner?

What Is the Facebook Marketing Partner Program?

The Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) program is a global community of third-party Facebook solutions — individuals, agencies, and technology platforms (apps) — selected for their solid track record of success in either ….

  • Advertising: Launch, manage, and measure campaigns
  • Selling: Get set up online, fulfill orders, and support customers
  • Or, engaging: Connect to customers with purposeful content and messaging

Previously known as the Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD) program, it’s the only official Facebook certification that exists. Membership is updated in real-time based on 180-day trailing data: qualifying spend, active pages, and qualifying placements.

To match you with the right solution, Facebook’s Partner Directory breaks out 11 different service types.

We’ve included them below for easy reference.

But if you already know you need Facebook Advertising help …

Then, let’s connect with a one-on-one, 31-point Facebook Account audit.

Facebook Account Audit from a Premium Facebook Agency Partner

  1. Campaign management: Scales and optimizes your Facebook ad campaigns through licensed software.
  2. Collaborative ads merchants: Run ads that drive sales of your products on a merchant partner’s website or app, then measure impact.
  3. Community management: Help to manage your community via pages and conversations.
  4. Creative platforms: Help with creating, curating, or delivering content.
  5. Feed platforms: Product catalogs for use in ad products, Facebook marketplace, and shopping on Instagram.
  6. Lead ad platforms: Store and manage first-party consumer information from lead ads to cultivate relationships with customers.
  7. Measurement: Track performance of your Facebook mobile app campaigns.
  8. Messaging: Manage conversations with your customers at scale.
  9. Offline conversions: Connect your transactions data to Facebook to easily enable Facebook offline conversions.
  10. Website platforms: Build and maintain the Facebook pixel and more, directly on the platform that houses your online presence.
  11. Tag manager: Install the Facebook pixel and events on to your website, then select and deselect various pixels in your site’s code.

Facebook Marketing Partners Directory

How Does Facebook Award Different Verification Levels?

What you might not know is there are three levels of verification, each with its own requirements based on aggregate Facebook data:

  1. Account
  2. Preferred
  3. Premium
In other words, not all Facebook Marketing Partner Badges are created equal.

In total, the Facebook Partner Directory lists roughly 2,000 solution providers. Filtering that by “Campaign management,” still leaves you with over 1,300 results.

Of those, the vast majority are either Account or Preferred.

Even though there’s just one FMP Badge, the only way to distinguish between Account, Preferred, or Premium status is to literally go behind the scenes and ask to see the Partner’s Admin View.

So, here you go:

Facebook Marketing Partners - Premium Agency Common Thread Collective

As a partner we’ve been vetted according to what we do best, helping to ensure our clients are matched with the best possible agency partner.

Plus, with marketing and development support from Facebook, we have an even better way to grow our clients’ businesses.

Why Choose a Premium Facebook Agency Partner?

As a Premium Partner, we can offer our clients benefits such as … 

Exclusive Tools

We utilize advanced analytics tools, recommendations, and reports to understand and improve client performance.

In addition, you’ll get access to beta releases of new Facebook and Instagram features as well as integrations through its API. This includes conversion optimizations, ad placements, and advanced audience targeting.

Paid-Media Resources

Our media buyers have access to the latest client decks and collateral, plus campaign best practices for better measurement and creative production that are only available to Facebook Marketing Partner agencies

Training & Blueprint Certification

We are proud to boast Facebook Blueprint Certified buying experts on our CTC team. 

Not only does this mean our clients are receiving expert-level buying services, but they can also leverage the learning tools from Blueprint, Measurement, and Creative teams to enhance knowledge on the Facebook family.

24/7 Ad Support

Facebook Ads Manager down? Ads stuck in review? Payment issues?

Don’t let the slow back-and-forth of Facebook’s general chat support feature get in the way of resolving an ad issue during a big sale moment.

We can preferentially connect with premium live chat support or schedule a consultation with our experts, to resolve technical issues faster than any other advertiser can.

What’s more, only Premium Partners are given access to Facebook’s Marketing Science Consultations to share measurement studies to fuel thought leadership.

Invite-Only Events

From creative workshops to measurement boot camp, both our buyers and clients have opportunities to attend Facebook expos, training, and events to fuel business success.


Lastly, alongside the Partner Badge, our clients themselves have been featured in seven separate Facebook Success Stories.

Want to Find Out If We’re the Right Facebook Partner for You?

At the end of the day, a lot more goes into choosing your partner than CTC being a Premium Partner.

That’s why we’ve created a detailed Facebook Ad Agency page to guide you through our buying methodology, three strategies that set us apart, and a 31-point audit.

If you’d like to discover for yourself … let’s connect and get started on your one-on-one audit today.

Aaron Orendorff

Aaron is the VP of Marketing at CTC. Previously the Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus, his content has appeared on Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The New York Times, and more. Connect with Aaron on Twitter or LinkedIn (especially if you want to talk about bunnies or #LetsGetRejected).