Campaign Budget Optimization: Spend Less and Maximize Results

The fact of the matter is that not all ad sets are created equally. In a perfect world, we could choose five audiences, give them all the same budget, sit back and reap the rewards. 

Obviously that is not the case when it comes to budget allocation, but the good news is, things are getting easier (and automated). Facebook’s release of Campaign Budget Optimization has made it easier than ever to manage budgets and ensure optimal results. 

The old way of running Facebook ads was to set your budget at the ad set level, which can make things a bit tricky when trying to track and optimize account spend. Now, the new and improved way to set up your Facebook ads is to set the budget at the campaign level using CBO. Then, let Facebook find the best active opportunity for results and automatically distribute spend to top performing ad sets in real-time. 

Facebook Power 5: Campaign Budget Optimization

What are the benefits of Campaign Budget Optimization? 

For starters, you’re saving valuable time. Campaign Budget Optimization is an automated process. So, the days of staring at your screen and manually shifting budgets from ad set to ad set are over. 

Prior to Campaign Budget Optimization, making a change to an ad set’s budget could send it back into the learning phase. But now with CBO, advertisers don’t have to worry about that because of Facebook’s advanced learning.

In addition to time saved, you’ll also be gaining more value from your campaigns. Opting into a CBO campaign means Facebook will be working in real-time to capture the most results for your budget and effectively lower your total cost per result. 

As easy as it is to leverage the power of the Campaign Budget Optimization, it is extremely important to be sure that you set your optimization goals and bids according to their value to your business; that way Facebook can find you results within your desired cost goals. All in all, Campaign Budget Optimization plays a crucial role as one of Facebook’s Power 5 tactics and gets advertisers one step closer to unlocking new phases for growth and scale. 

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