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At CTC, we produce better financial outcomes for your business by constructing a system for achieving profitable scale. Whether you learn how to build that system from us — or hire us to build it for you — we have a solution to meet your business where it’s at.

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Leverage Pricing as a Tool for Success

The easiest way to improve gross margin is to raise prices. Unfortunately, things aren't always that simple.

Unlock the power of strategic pricing by optimizing pricing strategies, leveraging price elasticity of demand, mastering strategic inventory management, and empowering marketers with pricing insights.

Bridges Series, Marketing & Finance 40 min Watch

Lessons from Igloo’s Creative Breakthroughs

From dynamic product feeds to retro static image ads, learn actionable strategies and the importance of intentional branding to elevate your creative marketing game and drive sustainable growth.

Ad Creative, Creative Strategy 9 min Read
Igloo Coolers Dynamic Product Ads

10 Trends Styling DTC Fashion & Apparel

Industry Report 32 min Read

Pet Industry Trends, Growth & Statistics

Industry Report 23 min Read

Beauty & Cosmetics Marketing Statistics

Industry Report 30 min Read

March Madness in Ecommerce: Diving Deep into Meta & Mothers Day

In this episode of the podcast, Taylor is once again joined by the experts behind the State of the Ecommerce Industry Report from the DTC Index. Together, they dive into March industry performance, Mother's Day trends, and consumer confidence metrics across Meta, TikTok, and the ecommerce industry at-large.

Ecommerce Playbook Podcast, DTC Index 33 min Watch

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The Ecommerce Data Your Competitors Don't Have

Common Thread Collective employs a dedicated team of data scientists to conduct comparative analysis on important ecommerce challenges and emerging opportunities.

Direct to Consumer Confidence Index

A real-time view of the macro economic sentiment of your customers

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