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At CTC, we produce better financial outcomes for your business by constructing a system for achieving profitable scale. Whether you learn how to build that system from us — or hire us to build it for you — we have a solution to meet your business where it’s at.

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Moving From Paper Gains to Liquid Value

"Good marketers make their managers happy, great marketers build shareholder equity."

Learn four actionable ways you can contribute to improved cash flow, emphasizing strategic considerations in the marketing calendar, offer design around inventory, and understanding the cash flow statement.

Marketing & Finance 33 min Watch

Unlock Year-Round Growth: The Essential 2024 Four-Peaks Marketing Strategy

Don't hit a Q3 slump in 2024 — create a strategic marketing calendar designed for year-round growth. Get actionable strategies, key holiday insights, and an interactive marketing calendar to revolutionize your marketing efforts in 2024.

Ecommerce Strategy, Forecasting & Planning 9 min Read

Our Secret to Achieving Predictable, Profitable Growth in 2024

Ecommerce Strategy, Media Buying, Forecasting & Planning 35 min Read

Top of Funnel is A Scam

Platforms that claim to raise brand awareness without any conversion lift aren't all they're made out to be.

In this episode of the Ecommerce Playbook Podcast, Taylor & Richard break down exactly why channels like TV are a dangerous temptation to ecommerce operators.

Ecommerce Playbook Podcast, Ecommerce Strategy, Top of Funnel 38 min Watch

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The Ecommerce Data Your Competitors Don't Have

Common Thread Collective employs a dedicated team of data scientists to conduct comparative analysis on important ecommerce challenges and emerging opportunities.

Direct to Consumer Confidence Index

A real-time view of the macro economic sentiment of your customers

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