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At CTC, we produce better financial outcomes for your business by constructing a system for achieving profitable scale. Whether you learn how to build that system from us — or hire us to build it for you — we have a solution to meet your business where it’s at.

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The One Key to Winning in 2024 with Luke Austin

New customer revenue plummets as brands run more discounts. Returning revenue may not be far behind. Looking at the state of ecommerce, Richard and CTC Director of Growth Strategy, Luke Austin, discuss his Q4 concerns, and the one thing that distinguishes winning brands as we move into 2024.

Ecommerce Playbook Podcast, 2024 Planning Ecommerce Strategy 30 min Watch

Discover Your Marginal Frontier

What would happen if you doubled your ad spend? Take a deep dive into our new spend/aMER model that is leveling up our forecasting process at CTC.

Ecommerce Strategy 11 min Watch

Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Strategy: The 4 Peaks of the 4th Peak

Ecommerce Strategy, BFCM 2023 14 min Read

BFCM 2023 Brings Big Wins for Ecommerce Brands

Comparing CTC clients with over 250 ecommerce brands reveals big wins over BFCM weekend. The data shows that Common Thread Collective clients achieved 291% more Facebook revenue than the average store. Overall store revenue also reveals a 165% performance improvement between CTC managed stores and non-CTC brands.

BFCM 2023 2 min Read

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The Ecommerce Data Your Competitors Don't Have

Common Thread Collective employs a dedicated team of data scientists to conduct comparative analysis on important ecommerce challenges and emerging opportunities.

The DTC Index

Weekly trend analysis and tactical insights based on our database of 300+ leading ecomm brands.

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A prediction model for key metrics including: MER, CAC, aMer, and more built in partnership with KnoCommerce.

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