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At CTC, we produce better financial outcomes for your business by constructing a system for achieving profitable scale. Whether you learn how to build that system from us — or hire us to build it for you — we have a solution to meet your business where it’s at.

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Ecommerce Has Changed ...

As we enter the second half of the year, it's time to prepare for the holiday season and refine your forecasts for a profitable finish. Generating profit reliably can be tough, but we can help.

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The Most Common Problems Impacting Profitability for Ecommerce Brands Right Now

In this special edition of the Ecommerce Playbook Podcast, Richard sits down with Matthew Axline and Peter Hassan to discuss the most common mistakes brands make, the organizational error that destroys profitability, and the one thing they’d rather not have to say on calls anymore.

Ecommerce Playbook Podcast, Strategy & Planning 34 min Listen
The Ecommerce Playbook Podcast: Everyone's Struggling with Profitability

Pet Industry Trends, Growth & Statistics

Industry Report 23 min Read

How to Hold Every Ad Dollar Accountable

Ecommerce Strategy 12 min Read

61+ Resources to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Marketing & Finance 18 min Read

Watch Our Full Bridges Series from Start to Finish

'Bridges' is an original video series by Common Thread Collective that helps marketers build the connection between their world and finance.

With our latest video, you can now watch the entire 12-episode series here, or on our Youtube channel.

Bridges Series, Ecommerce Strategy, Marketing & Finance 18 min Watch

State of the Industry Report: First Half of 2024 Recap

This special biannual mega State of the Industry episode dives deep into the first half of 2024, comparing it against the first half of 2023 to answer the burning question: How is the ecommerce industry doing?

DTC Index, Data, Ecommerce Playbook Podcast 43 min Watch

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Common Thread Collective employs a dedicated team of data scientists to conduct comparative analysis on important ecommerce challenges and emerging opportunities.

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