10 Reasons Your Startup Should Use Social Media

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Dec. 17 2015

One of the first things startups should do is acquire their social handles. Sometimes it even makes sense for founders to choose one brand name over another based on the social handles available. Once that’s done, it time to slowly distribute content. Everyone knows you should, but they don’t always know why. Hopefully this post can help you understand why you’re doing it so you can create more effective content. Social media is an increasingly important piece of your brand story and identity, so identifying WHY you use these platforms will be an important factor to growing your brand’s social community. So here’s my top 10 reasons why you should embrace it:

10. Consistently maintaining a social media presence is much less expensive than traditional advertising.

To be clear, social media is not free; and costs can range from almost nothing to tens of thousands of dollars a month. For example, one of the largest expenditures may include hiring a person or agency who specifically handles your business’s social media accounts and communities. However, the cost (which is often still less than traditional advertising campaigns) is certainly worth it when done right because good social media marketing efforts produce qualified leads who later become your biggest advocate.

9. Provides another way for potential customers to find you.

If you’re not high enough in search engines when potential customers try to find you, they can still find you through social media. So, even if you’re not on the front page of Google, it doesn’t mean you can’t receive traffic. Social media has the potential to send you TONS of traffic when done properly.

8. Build relationships and become more personal.

Using social media helps you build personal relationships with current and potential customers. Trust comes through honesty and sincerity in communications.  Today, people use social media as a way to connect with a brand in the same way they would with traditional customer service. They look to a brand’s social media platforms as a way to answer all the questions they might have about a particular product or brand in general.

7. Social media gives businesses an opportunity to promote their brand without being pushy.

Social offers businesses a safe and open outlet where they can be “themselves” and introduce their products and/or solutions without being sales-y.

6. Word of mouth

Ronald Reagan may have coined the phrase “Trust, but verify;” but consumers have known this long before he ever said it. Customers look for products they can trust through the people they trust. Today that looks differently than it did 30 years ago, but the principle is still very much the same. If I hear about your product from someone I trust and respect, I’m far more likely to purchase that product than if I’m going on my own tuition. Social media makes it easier than ever to find out what the rest of the world thinks.

5. Opens the doors for engagement and 2-way conversations with potential clients.

Starting and having conversations on social media is nearly effortless. Although some people feel uncomfortable having conversations with businesses in person, social media allows them a chance for having those conversations without the pressure.

4. Enables your audience to find you more easily.

If your business is active on social media, your online audience can find and follow you. This makes everything easier when trying to sell product online.

3. Allows a business to show up where their target audience is.

Sure, there are a lot of celebrities and teenagers using social media. However, there are also plenty of “regular” people–your potential clients included–using it as well. Establishing your business on social media helps you find your target audience, and allows them to find you as well.

2. Branding, Branding, Branding

Create a consistent, recognizable identity for your product or service. There’s no better way to control brand content that you want the world to see than what you post on social.

1. Allows a business to establish trust and relationships with its audience.

Establishing a social media presence and finding a target audience is only the beginning of using social media as a business. The next steps involve interacting with that audience through replying, responding, and sharing information. This also builds trust with them.

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