We started this digital marketing growth agency because we hated agencies

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’d worked with agencies, paid for them, and argued over billable hours, ever caught in the tension of their hourly billing and our lightning speed expectations.

The relationship would eventually deteriorate and we’d have to start over with another set. The process was broken, so we decided to change it.

We put our money where our mouth is

Alongside the agency, we build and launch our own brands which give us a playground to continue to bring learnings to our clients in a unique testing ground for all things ecommerce.

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An advertising solution, built for today's entrepreneur.

Not every small business, team, or solopreneur has the resources to work with an agency, hire a consultant, or build a full-time digital marketing team.

Since we couldn’t find a solution out there, we decided to create one ourselves.

We took take all of the data, learnings, and experts that we have here at CTC and built a platform that would provide monthly trainings, resources, and support to today’s rising entrepreneur so that they could learn how to scale their e-commerce business themselves!

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The Culture

When we get into the office each morning, we walk past this mission statement and our clients’ real dreams. This means that we will align our work with your needs and deliver on the promise to care for your brand better than anyone else.

Meet some of the entrepreneurs you’ll be working with

As an agency we understand that we may not be passionate about every product we sell, but we are passionate about every entrepreneur we work with.

Taylor Holiday

Managing Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Iain Harris

Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Grant Zanini

Partner, VP of Operations

Cory Hamilton

Partner, Director of Propaganda

Andrew Faris


Josh Rodarmel


Jordan Palmer


Aaron Warshawsky

VP of Sales

Panagiota Hatzis

VP of Differentiation

Scott Kramer

VP of Sales & Marketing | NYC

Brian Dunbar

Director of Finance

Caitlin Thomason

Director of Paid Media

Cherene Aubert

Director of Client Marketing Strategy

Tony Chopp

Director of Paid Search

Adrianne Verheyen

ADmission Manager

Alex Maldonado

Creative Strategy Manager

Chris Johnson

Sr. Business Development Manager

Emily Porter

Human Resources Manager

Jon Dickson

Art Design Manager

Matthew Axline

Business Development Manager

Peter Hassan

Business Development Manager

Trent Kerth

Paid Media Manager

Walker Williams

Learning & Development Manager

Allison Simms

Growth Guide

Andy Reese

Growth Guide

Garret Hord

Growth Guide

Kyle Lawrence

Growth Guide

Michelle Luo

Growth Guide

Adriana Falcon

Creative Strategist

Monika Arechavala

Creative Strategist

Richard Gaffin

Creative Strategist

Luke Austin

Sr. Paid Media Buyer

Brendyn Gilbert

Art Designer

Brian Robertson

Art Designer

Chris Greene

Paid Media Buyer

Jack Howland

Paid Media Buyer

Jarrett Perches

Paid Media Buyer

Jenner Kearns

Paid Media Buyer

Krista Gregory

Art Designer

Michael White

Art Designer

Mitch Friesen

AR/AP Specialists

Morgan Applebee

Culture & Care Specialist

Naveen Saxena

Paid Media Buyer

Reilly Roberts

Marketing Specialist

Rick Lawrence

Art Designer

Ryan Stafford

Paid Media Buyer

Bryan Rouanzoin

Dream Guide

Dane Sanders

Dream Guide

Darren Bagwell

Dream Guide

Jess Guilfoyle

Dream Guide

Tommy Rodriguez

Dream Guide

CTC Cares

Helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams is the foundation of everything we do, and that extends to our corporate social responsibility program: CTC Cares. CTC Cares is our quarterly philanthropic initiative where we partner with a nonprofit or charitable organization to volunteer, donate goods, or offer our services pro bono.

Some past initiatives include work with the Boys & Girls Clubs, Working Wardrobes, Home4Good Realty, and Operation JumpStart.