We Exist to Help Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams

It’s been our mission since day one.

Why should you trust us as your guide?

Alongside the agency, we run ADmission and 4x400. Being owner-operators allows us to uniquely empathize with our clients and gives us a frontline playbook to provide learnings and tested strategies.

Our Team

We’re a human service business. And our people are our product. We invest in them because they invest in your business.

CTC is a fully remote company of creatives, data geeks, and leaders — expanding across the United States & Canada. Ready to serve you across any timezone.





  • 63 Dreams Achieved
  • 22 Employee-Founded Businesses
  • 4 Time Zones
  • 54 BIPOC Staff*

    *We're actively working on increasing this number

  • $1.07B+ Client Revenue

Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity & Access

Between a global pandemic, racial and gender inequalities, and a tumultuous American election — we have watched our present reality challenge entrepreneurial dreams at every turn.

At CTC, these movements have awakened us to a glaring deficiency.

The racial, cultural, and gender makeup of our staff does not reflect our belief in a diverse and equitable world of entrepreneurs. So, we’ve committed to change.

However, solving CTC’s numbers problem does not ensure that our workplace welcomes, celebrates, and gives voice to minority backgrounds and perspectives.

Rather, our internal changes must translate externally. We must answer the question: “Whose dreams do we serve?” That’s why we’re declaring a new dream …

To create the future reality of a fair and equitable workplace that serves the diverse dreams of all entrepreneurs.

This also means amplifying BIPOC-owned businesses that can generate wealth for them, their causes, and communities.

Five commitments mark that path forward. Declarations that to become who we want to be … we must be different than who we are.