An (un)Common Holiday: Free Access to Our Paid-Membership Community, Full Support & Nine Black Friday Training Events

Grant Zanini

by Grant Zanini

Sep. 09 2020

If you’re tired, we get it.

If you’re anxious for the end-of-year mountain, us too.

And while we may all be weathering the same storm, we aren’t all in the same boat.

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday around the corner never has there been a moment in modern history as great — nor as uncertain — than the quarter ahead.

Whether this year’s events have unlocked new growth in your business or if you’re fighting to stay afloat, one thing is certain …

We can’t change the current climate, but what we can do is not hold back.

We’re stronger together than apart. We’re smarter. We’re more resourceful. And we’re more resilient.

Because of that, we’ve decided to open up ADmission — CTC’s paid membership and training community — for free for the next two weeks.

  • No credit card
  • No upsells
  • No strings

Charo Perez, Founder of Vetchy

Charo Perez, Founder of Vetchy

“To all our ADmission coaches: Thank you!! Your videos and this group literally saved me! When I officially joined Admission on April the 5th, my online sales went from $4k in March to $24K in April. By mid May, I ran out of most of my stock.”

Ryan Barr, Founder of WP Standard

Ryan Barr, Founder of WP Standard

“I joined ADmission over a year ago. Despite all the challenges with COVID, we are still up 40% year over year … in no small part due to the instruction through ADmission.”

Even better, we’re unleashing a brand new series of hands-on training sessions during this open period:

Nine live events over the course of two weeks to get you ready for the holidays.

Holiday Prelude: WTF do I do with all this data?

Fri. Sep 11, 11am PDT

COVID be DAMned: The Historical Data Points That Will Help Bring Confidence to Your Q4 Plan

Tues. Sep 15, 10am PDT

Determining Your Holiday Offer

Wed. Sep 16, 11am PDT

Brands That Master Owned Marketing Will Win Holiday 2020

Wed. Sep 16, 2pm PDT

4 Easy Steps to Set Your Q4 Spend + Revenue Projections and Plan Record-Setting Campaigns

Thurs. Sep 17, 10am PDT

Building Your (Consolidated) Ad Campaign Structure

Fri. Sep 18, 11:30am PDT

Strategizing Your Holiday Ad Creative Toolkit

Tues. Sep 22 10am PDT

Holiday Google Ads Training

Wed. Sep 23, 4pm PDT

Holiday Wrap-Up: Q&A

Thurs. Sep 24, 11am PDT

Let’s Triumph Together

Even though none of us can predict exactly what the next few months will look like, we know it will look different than the past.

We want to be in it with you. We want our 70+ staff to come alongside you.

And we want our 250+ person community of founders, operators, and marketers to surround you.

If you want that too …

Join for Free

Grant Zanini

Grant Zanini is a Partner and VP of Operations at Common Thread Collective. In partnership with CTC, he Co-Founded ADmission in 2018 to help founders, operators, and marketers grow their ecommerce business profitably using paid advertising. Connect with Grant on Twitter or LinkedIn.