Knowing Your Value In The Workplace

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jun. 06 2019

I love Mondays.

I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What strange human being loves Monday’s? There’s no way...”

Well, hi it me. 👋

Let me tell you why I love Mondays:

  • I love Mondays because I love my job.
  • I love my job because I know that I have value to give.
  • I know I have value to give because the leaders at CTC not only tell me that I have value, but also give me opportunities to share my value.

That’s the simple version. Still need some more context? Here’s the “why” behind those three main points. 

1. Knowing Your Value

I can’t stop thinking about this idea that everyone has value. Everyone. They didn’t do anything to get it besides exist.

This value contribution happens every day in the workplace. Each time you have a meeting and someone speaks up or even listens, they are demonstrating value. When you’re surrounded by intellectuals, creatives, deep thinkers, activators, etc. – the opportunities to succeed, grow, and change for good are higher with them around. They each have insights and skills to approach problems and find a solution. 

However, we’re all human and there might be someone that you don’t enjoy working with in the office. As a result, you never take the time to get to know them better or trust to give them more job responsibility.

(To clarify: I love everyone at CTC :D)

But, guess what? The value in getting to know those co-workers who are different from you is that you begin to understand the importance of your differences. By switching your approach towards one of valuing what they are skilled in and appreciating your differences, eventually you would want to give them more responsibility because you’d value that they have something you don’t. 

This is part of what makes office space dynamics incredibly fascinating to me. There are all these people in the same space, gunning toward the same mission, but everyone there is different. They grew up in a different place, went to different schools, worked different jobs, ate different food, experienced different losses and wins in life – and they all ended up in your office.

Your coworkers have so much value to share with you. So, I challenge you to find out not only what you can share with them, but what you can learn from them. 


2. Sharing Your Value

It’s commonly thought that time is your most valuable asset in the business world. While I do agree that time is incredibly valuable, I want to challenge that notion by arguing that investing in people is more valuable than investing time. This idea is demonstrated daily by our partners at CTC.

For example, when our founders hire a new Digital Marketing Specialist – let’s call them Sally Specialist for short – they demonstrate to Sally Specialist that they were worth investing in by valuing and caring for them. CTC does this through programs like TMYD, Monday Gratitude Meetings, generous personal benefits, and more.

As a result, Sally Specialist will then walk into the doors of CTC and work even harder because they know they have of value something to share. What do our founders get back as a result of this? Time.

Because Sally Specialist is empowered to do her best, Sally Specialist will make her best work.  This means our founders are spending less time worrying about the ads Sally Specialist is making for a client and instead have more time to keep the cycle going by investing back into other employees.


Investing in your employees in a way that encourages them and elevates them to succeed is a catalyst for positivity in your office. This is proven to me everyday at CTC.

It happens when the details of an employee’s life is taken into account. Like when our Culture & Care Specialist, Morgan placed a celebratory cake on Lauren’s desk for buying a new home or when Panagiota decorated the office to celebrate a college graduation. I could go on - but each of these moments encourages the celebration of our employees and their value.


3. Loving Your Job

I am celebrated here, I am invited, I am pushed – all because human value is a company value. You’ll recognize it as soon as you walk in the office, it runs deep within CTC blood.

Not only is CTC’s mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams but the The CTC heart is this, everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams.