Unlocking Insights Through Benchmarks: Statlas Jam Episode 3

Common Thread Collective

by Common Thread Collective

Jan. 17 2024

Welcome to Statlas Jam Episode 3!

If you missed the first two episodes in this series, you can catch them here: Treasure Hunting for Profit, and Planning and Tracking Daily Contribution Margin. To watch all videos in our Statlas Jams series, visit our Statlas Jams playlist on YouTube.

In today’s episode, Taylor will dive into the world of benchmarks with us as we explore their usefulness and potential pitfalls. Watch, as we analyze Bambu Earth's Q4 data, uncovering insights into Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) spikes and New Customer Acquisition Efficiency.

The Dual Nature of Benchmarks

Benchmarks are a double-edged sword.

Generally, they offer a direction for insight, but they often lack the specificity needed for concrete knowledge due to the absence of context. Our discussion will revolve around how to make benchmarks both useful and insightful, especially within Statlas.io.

Don’t just consume data. Learn how to apply it strategically to your ecommerce business.

Discover how percentiles and industry benchmarks provide context, guiding us to question and understand performance variations. From ad performance metrics to conversion rates and LTV, benchmarks open doors to strategic insights.

Join us for a data-driven exploration, where benchmarks aren't answers but gateways to meaningful questions.

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