The Guru Dictionary: An Urban Dictionary-esque Guide To Platform Lingo At CTC.

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by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

May. 09 2018

Abandon Cart “OOPS! Did you forget something?”

Adspiration – Ads that inspire us, mostly MeUndies content.

AOV – Average Order Value. “AOV is down since we took that BOGO offer off.”

ATC – Adds To Cart.

Broken Pixel – When the pixel is, well, broken. “CODE RED THEIR PIXEL IS DOWN.” [See below: Pixel]

Carve Out Some Time – JP, all the time.

Checkout Funnel Drop-Off – A barrier to purchase. “We could scale if we determine what our checkout funnel drop-off is.”

Chips For Speed – Like when you are Adriana Falcon.

Circle Up – When you need to schedule a meeting.

Click Only – Conversions based on people who have clicked on your ad.

Client Brian – When your friend becomes a client.

Conversion Rate – The percentage of users that convert to purchase.

CPC – Cost Per Click. Actual price you pay per click on your ad.

CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions. Actual price you pay per thousand impressions on an ad.

Cross Sell – “You may also like…”

CTA – Call To Action. The awkward moment when the CTA on an eCommerce ad is “Call Now.”

CTR – Click Through Rate. Percentage of users who click through your ad.

Custom Audiences – Audiences based on pixel data or email list.

Delayed Attribution – When someone clicks on an ad and then purchases later. “I am grateful for DIFF’s delayed attribution. I can spend at a 1.3 on a 1-day click, knowing that it will turn into 2.5 on a 28-day click.” -Vince

DMAS – Digital Marketing Account Strategist

DMA – Digital Marketing Analyst

DMS – Digital Marketing Specialist

Double Chips – Like when you stay up all night doing a Kayo Shoot.

DPA – Dynamic Product Ad. “Did you exclude the Demi Lovato frames from the product feeds for the discount DPAs?”

Dupe It – Duplicate The Ad. “Dupe it into the lookalike.”

Engagement – Comments, Likes, Shares. “We’re getting some negative engagement on this Ad.”

Game Changing Or Life Changing – Clickbait heaven.

Grinding“Please refer to our headphone policy in Asana.”

Growth Hacking – Rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel. “I’m going to be at the Growth Hackers convention this weekend.”

Guru – Thought leader. Specialist. “POLL: ‘Does Nick Have His Guru Certification?’”

I’m Aligned – Nick in every conversation ever.

IC – Initiate Checkout. “10% of the people that clicked on the ad initiated checkout.”

Kill“Dude that ad is getting $5 clicks. Kill that ish.”

KPI – Key Performance Indicator. “The KPI for this creative test is a 2% click-through rate.”

Landers – Ask Nick why you need a custom lander.

Lookalike – Who Facebook thinks is most similar to your customers.

Low Hanging Fruit – “Let’s pick up all that low hanging fruit in remarketing.”

Maintain Efficiency – Steady spend, steady return.

Manual Bids “Let’s dupe these into manual bids to see if we can get more efficiency.”

MER Marketing Efficiency Rating, a made-up term by Taylor Holiday. “Update the MER doc.” Total ad revenue / Total ad spend

Misalignment“I’m sorry, can you clarify?”

Optimization – Trying things to get better performance.

Optimize Your Attitude“If you can’t optimize your attitude, you won’t optimize your ad sets.

Performance Campaign – Where ads go after we test them in the testing campaign. “Drop the winning ads into the performance campaign.”

Pixel – A code that you place on site to help track conversion from Facebook ads, optimize ads based on collected data, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to qualified leads. “Is the pixel firing?”

Prospecting Audience – People who know nothing about your brand.

Re-Engagement Audience – People who have engaged with your content, but haven’t been on site.

Remarketing Audience – Website viewers or past purchasers.

ROAS – Return On Ad Spend. Dollars earned per dollars spent on a corresponding ad.

Scale – Want to scale? Spend more money. “Chad, let me fly.”

Success Metric – How you measure if it’s working. “I mean a 4X is good, but an 8X would be nice.”

Target Audience – Consumers within a predetermined market based on age, demographic, or interest. Long live Vincent’s Knee Interest.

The Formula – V X CR X AOV = $. Visitors times conversion rate times average order value equals revenue. #datadriven

The Funnel – Purchase funnel illustrating the customer journey. “We’ll develop full-funnel content for you.”

UGC – User-generated content. “People buy things for two reasons: price, and a recommendation from someone they trust.”

Unscalable – When you can’t break even, even at low spend. Under-pacing towards your target metric.

Upper Management – People with cooler titles. Scott, Andrew, Caitlin, Panagiota, Dunbar, Cory, Taylor, JP.

Upsell“Save when you buy 3!”

UTMs – Simple code that you can attach to a custom URL to track a source, medium, and campaign name to tell you where purchasers are coming from. “Oh no – they use custom UTMs?”

Vape Break – Brb.

View Only – People that purchase after viewing an ad, but didn’t click on it. “All the conversions are view only. This is not real.”

Whiteboard It – When you need to look or sound official.

TL;DRToo Long; Didn’t Read. You right now when you scrolled to the end of this blog.

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