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DTC clients scaled beyond
$2M in annual revenue


Average growth among
year-over-year clients


DTC clients scaled beyond
$10M in annual revenue


Two-year growth rate
of our in-house brands*

*From $1.6M in 2018 to $5.4M in 2019 to $11.9M in 2020 (Ask us, we’ll show you the books)
Common Thread Collective is the ideal ecommerce growth partner for APL.

CTC articulates and executes innovative marketing strategies on a daily basis and during key launches. The team is in constant communication with us to finesse our strategy with unparalleled service.

NJ Falk,
Managing Partner at APL

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Three Reasons Clients Trust Us with Their Growth

1. Data your competitors wish they had

As a business owner, you have to anticipate revenue with accuracy.

Like you, we’ve felt the pain of missing forecasts — how dramatically that affects cash flow and the human implications of falling short.

That’s why unique data and modeling lies at the center of our plans.

Yes, it’s about more effective advertising, pacing organic traffic versus paid, and, ultimately — the most important metric — dollars in your pocket.

But it’s also about ordering inventory, hiring employees, and expanding into new markets.

Our process unites all your data and combines it with cohort-specific LTV. The result? A clear path through the usual volatility.

In fact, we couldn’t find the right tool. So we built our own.

Ecommerce Growth Data Tool: LTV Dashboard Ecommerce Growth Data Tool: Visitor Dashboard Ecommerce Growth Data Tool: Revenue Dashboard

2. Strategies to drive LTV up and CAC down

Traditional media buyers look at the transaction, the sale, or the ROAS. Hit their numbers … then, move on.

As operators, we understand that all outcomes are not created equal.

Customers have different LTVs. Products have different margins. The same ROAS can generate dramatically different profits.

Because we manage cash flow for our own brands, we build client relationships on net outcomes.

And because we’ve experienced rising CAC at scale, we work equally hard to maintain your margin by increasing the LTV of every customer. That includes full email and SMS systems to offset rising costs with rising value.

3. Full-funnel creative built to perform

Most agencies focus on either seasonal calendars — cranking out promotional content for short-term targets — or branded content that’s pretty for the sake of being pretty.

We understand that a true creative strategy has to bring together performance, brand, and creating your own moments.

Instead of being just your ad agency, we plug into the very core of who you are.

Whether supplementing a campaign with iterative content or producing evergreen assets in our studio, our creative is designed to amplify outcomes, not impressions.

It’s only creative if it’s creating profit.

That’s why we create, measure, and optimize content with a full-funnel approach — stage-by-stage and metric-by-metric.

AIDA: Attention (3-second views/impression), Interest (Average watch time), Desire (Outbound CTR), Action (ROAS)
Email marketing for ecommerce: from visitors to subscribers

I’ve partnered with CTC at two separate companies, across four years, and tens of millions in revenue.

Through the ups and downs, the team’s commitment to listening, collaborating, and pushing the envelope with out-of-the-box growth tactics is what has kept me on team CTC.

Too many agencies are a matrix of operational layers, and although our dedicated team at CTC is best-in-class, the fact that its CEO is available solidifies CTC’s commitment to success.

This is why I trust them, and you should too.
Matthew Murray,
COO & CMO at Love Wellness

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