Does Your Facebook Account Have a Google Problem?

Why Google Shopping Ads could be the reason your Facebook and Google results are tanking.

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Book your free Google account audit now to find out where you’re losing money:

We’ll help with a FREE 34-pointhighlight Google Account Audit.

If you’re caught in the Paid Social Death Spiral, we can pull you out of it

It all starts with a 34-point audit that uncovers opportunities in your account:

  • Conversion Tracking: Correct setup and configuration for Google Ads Conversion Tag and Global Site Tag
  • Ads, Bid Strategy & Campaigns: Audit cost-per-click, conversion rate, daily budget, Quality Score, and ads to Ad Group ratio (2:3)
  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERP): Keyword research and extensive test searches for all applicable Ad Extensions
  • Creative: Ad copy, Responsive Search Ads, Responsive Display Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Expanded Text Ads, and YouTube videos
Bear Handlon, CEO of Born Primitive
Google Shopping has become one of Born Primitive’s most profitable channels.

With the addition of Google, we’ve increased our total paid-media ROI 59% over the last 5 months. The Google Ads gave us a phenomenal 13.31 ROAS.

Common Thread’s team knows what it’s doing.

Ready to take back your most-valuable ad space and start funneling cash into your business?

We’ll review all the triggers that drive sales on search:

  • Customer reviews
  • Product images
  • Titles and descriptions
  • Correct categories, groups & types
  • Pricing, FAQs & shipping extensions
  • Keywords & bidding strategies
  • Account, campaigns & conversion-tracking set-up
  • Plus much, much more

*Services start at $5k, moving to 10% of ad spend for accounts that spend over $50k per month

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