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Profitable ecommerce growth lives or dies by two key metrics: Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) and 60-Day Lifetime Value.

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Lifetime Value Dashboard: Cash Multiplier
Revenue Dashboard: Sales vs. Target
Revenue Dashboard: New Customers Percentage of Total Customers

The DTC ecommerce community has a huge, business-killing problem — and most of them don’t even know it.

That problem?

The two most crucial metrics for growth can’t be tracked by any native ecommerce dashboards … not Shopify, not Facebook, not Google Analytics:

  • Marketing Efficiency Rating (MER): Your total marketing costs as a percentage of total revenue
  • 60-Day Lifetime Value (LTV): The value of a customer to you over a 60-day period

That’s because these metrics require a unified look at all your business’ data across every platform … and there’s never been a single source of truth to give you the bird’s-eye view you need to establish those data points …

Until now.

Meet Statlas.

Our proprietary ecommerce analysis engine brings all your most crucial business tools into one place, allowing you to see what’s happening across your entire funnel, from acquisition to retention.

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Why These Metrics Matter

Marketing Efficiency Rating (MER)

Total Revenue ➗ Total Marketing Spend

Single-channel ROI metrics almost always cause you to overspend on remarketing and lose out on new customer acquisition, eventually destroying your bottom line.

Statlas synthesizes your MER from across all platforms, showing you where and when you can afford to take a lower efficiency in order to maximize acquisition.

Even better, it shows your MER relative to hundreds of other ecommerce businesses, allowing you to incorporate industry-wide trends into your planning.

Statlas Dashboard: MER (Marketing Efficiency Rating)

60-Day Lifetime Value (LTV)

Average Customer Value Over 60 Days

Nobody has a lifetime to wait for “lifetime” value.

Instead, we rethink customer value in terms of a window of return that makes sense for your business’ cash flow.

Not only that — Statlas allows you to break out 60-day LTV by product, which allows you to determine which specific SKUs are most valuable to you (hint: it’s not always the ones with the highest first-purchase AOV … ).

Statlas Dashboard: LTV by SKU

Get ready to beat the competition with the data they don’t have.

Unearth your MER and 60-day LTV. Invest in your highest-ROI channels. Optimize your ads, pages, and funnels.

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