How to Diagnose Your Ecommerce Growth Problems

Break through stagnation with the Three-Layer Revenue System

It’s a problem ecommerce businesses know well. Especially growing ecommerce businesses.

You launch. Slog your way to $5-$10 million in annual revenue. You scale, smashing your metrics on the back of product-market fit along with one or two strong channels.

If you’re really on top of your game, you do it all profitably.

Then … it breaks.

After years of success, suddenly your growth stalls. Worse, you don’t know why. Two questions haunt you: “What happened? What should we do?”

Good news: businesses don’t break … parts of businesses break.

In other words: the key to unlocking new growth is pinpointing where your business has broken by consolidating your ecommerce data into three layers of revenue:

  • Top Layer: Paid Acquisition
  • Middle Layer: Owned Audiences
  • Bottom Layer: Existing Customers

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You’ll learn how to:

  • Isolate customer cohorts that’ll compound in value over the next 60 days
  • Understand the products that drive the most repeat purchases
  • Identify underleveraged traffic sources
  • Increase the percentage of website visitors that come through owned channels
  • Measure the true value of your paid channels (hint: ROAS is a bad way to do this)

And much more.

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