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by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Nov. 09 2018


As an agency, we’ve managed more than $100 Million in Facebook Ads and delivered over $250 million in e-commerce revenue for our clients.

We’ve had the honor of working with brands like Colourpop, DIFF Eyewear, 5.11 Tactical, QALO and so many others. However, we’ve found ourselves further and further away from the founders and entrepreneurs themselves.

Not every small business, solopreneur, or young team has the resources to work with an agency, hire a consultant, or build a full-time digital marketing team. The reality is, buying ads on Facebook isn’t a silver bullet, and it’s not rocket science either. But, it is a calculated and efficient way to scale your business, when you know how to do it.

Since we couldn’t find a solution out there, we decided to create one ourselves.

We took take all of the data, learnings, and experts that we have here at Common Thread Collective and built a platform that would provide monthly trainings, resources, and support to today’s entrepreneur so that they could learn how to scale their ecommerce business themselves!

**Drumroll please**



And so, ADMISSION was born!

For the launch of ADMISSION, we hand-selected 25 brands from a list of 200+ applicants to be our founding members. A few of these 25 brands include lspace.com, almondsurfboards.com, oursparechange.com, popmotif.com, and wpstandard.com.

If you’re just hearing about ADMISSION right now for the first time, it’s not to late to jump in to join the waitlist!! Over the next few weeks, we will begin opening up ADMISSION to another round of select entrepreneurs for discounted access to all the trainings, resources, support team, and hiring center, along with a special monthly offer.

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