The Weekly Roundup: Episode 7

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jul. 19 2019

Wrinkles & Russians

Your friends are doing it, your parents are doing it, and the Jonas Brothers are doing it. FaceApp has taken the world by storm this week – filling instagram feeds with 70 year old wrinkly versions of your friends, acquaintances and celebrities.

It was all fun in games until it came out that this app was created by a Russian Software Company (Wireless Lab).


According to the terms and conditions, FaceApp can use your name, username, and are allowed to keep that information even after the app is deleted. The main concern is that facial recognition is becoming a source of information to easily log-in to phones or banking apps. So, when you give away that biometric data, you’re putting yourself at risk. Be careful out there!

Source: New York Post


Elon Musk Wants To Read Your Mind

Okay, not you exactly. BUT Elon Musk’s secretive company called “Neurolink” is working on a brain-machine interface that could potentially allow paralyzed individuals to work their phones and computers with their mind.

At a Neurolink presentation earlier this week, Musk explained that the device is still about a year out until it can be implanted into an actual human. Although this sounds like a sketchy sci-fi movie waiting to happen, Musk explained during a Q&A at the end of the presentation that Neurolink will not be implanted and all of the sudden take over people’s brains. His ultimate goal is to achieve a symbiotic relationship between the rise of AI and humans.

For all you neuroscience nerds out there, you might be thinking - but haven’t we done this before? And yes, you’re right!

Matthew Nagle was the first person to receive a brain implant back in 2006. The implant allowed him to play pong using only his mind. However, science has come a long way since then and Neurolink is looking to take brain implants to a less invasive and more advanced level.

Source: The Verge


To Infinity and Bezos

If we told you that Amazon had a potentially $100 billion dollar business opportunity, what would you think it was?

Are they going into oil? Mining for jewels? Opening up an emerging maple syrup conglomerate?

None of the above. Actually, it's not even on this earth, but above it.

Amazon plans to launch Project Kuiper, a network of 3,236 small satellites to create an interconnected network that beams high-speed internet to anywhere on Earth. Morgan Stanley estimates Project Kuiper represents as much as a "$100 billion opportunity."

Now we have a space race 2.0 with Elon Musk looking to do something very similar. Apparently if you are uber rich, the next frontier is space. There’s no timeline or cost for this yet according to Amazon. 

Source: NBC News


Primed and Ready (to take out money)

Oh em gee it’s Amazon Prime Day… or days. What used to be one day is now two, as Amazon has blessed us with their insane deals.

According to Amazon, this year's Prime Day was the largest shopping event in Amazon history – surpassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

Amazon didn’t release the exact sales figures but said it sold over 100,000 laptops, 200,000 televisions, 300,000 headphones, 350,000 luxury beauty products and more than 1 million toys. Its top-selling items were the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, the Instant Pot DUO60, and 23andMe Health and Ancestry kits.

They also had a record number of people sign up for Amazon Prime in a single day. Major competitors also saw a boost in sales during this period as they were running sales to compete. All in all, pretty awesome that Amazon literally created a new shopping holiday out of thin air.

Source: NBC News