Hacking Influencers

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Feb. 14 2018

Taylor lays out some of our own data from running traffic for big clients and celebrities to show you the contrast in value when you pay for advertiser access vs. pay for post. The difference is game-changing.


Scenario A, Pay Per Post: Influencer A with 70M followers charges you $500K to post on her feed about your brand. Let’s say her organic reach is 15% (which is aggressive). Only 37% of her audience is inside the U.S., and she has a 4% engagement rate, which means you will reach 3.9 million. In this scenario, you’ve landed a $128 CPM and a $3.00 cost per click.


Scenario B, Advertiser Access: You pay Influencer A $250K for content and ask for advertiser access to market freely through their personal Facebook page. When you obtain advertiser access, not only can you advertise to their followers, but you can layer your own custom audiences and proven targeting to produce maximum conversion. You utilize the content they made (which you now have access to run your own traffic to) and use the 250K you saved from not paying for a post —taking your CPM down to an impressive $9.50, your CPC to $1.28, and reaching over 26 million.


We’re partial to scenario B. If you want to grow your brand online, we’d love to help you maximize your spend efficiency by applying these same tactics to YOUR brand as you achieve your dreams as an entrepreneur.





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