Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit Overview

Common Thread Collective

by Common Thread Collective

Apr. 26 2023

“We see too many business owners, marketing managers, and CMOs make the same mistake over and over: 

Solving problems they don’t actually have.

Most often, this looks like attempting to solve poor Facebook ROAS by pumping the account full of new creative or using the latest media buying “hack”.

But what if the COGS on your product mix is so high, you’ll never turn a profit on your paid media spend?

What if the people you do get to purchase … never return to your store?

Or, on the flip side — what if your customer value grows so significantly over 60-180 days that first-order profitability actually doesn’t matter?

In each of these cases, poor Facebook ROAS is a small part of a much larger problem, or it isn’t a problem at all.

How would it change the way you run your business if you could precisely identify your weak points and expend all your energy running after your biggest opportunities?

That’s what this tool aims to help you do.

The Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit

Ecommerce Diagnostic Toolkit contains:

  • A guide to the principles behind rapid growth
  • A breakdown of the 10 metrics that go into Growth Quotient
  • A 26-question interactive Growth Quotient assessment
  • A custom downloadable report breaking down your Growth Quotient score
  • Recommendations on next steps based on your results

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