CTC Clients Score +41% More Facebook Revenue Over BFCM 2022

Melissa Rosen

by Melissa Rosen

Dec. 07 2022

The data is in! We compared CTC clients with over 223 ecommerce brands using our in-house data analytics tool, Statlas.

Looking at the extended Black Friday, Cyber Monday period from November 19-29, our clients achieved 41% more Facebook revenue than the average store.

Facebook Revenue Nov 19-29 2022: +40.60% CTC Clients vs. All Stores

For total revenue, our clients performed a similar feat: 34% more revenue than the average store.

Store Revenue Nov 19-29 2022: +33.58% CTC Clients vs. All Stores

Even more impressive? That additional Facebook revenue over BFCM came at +5.2% greater efficiency: 3.21 ROAS from CTC clients vs. 3.05 ROAS for the overall data set.

MER was just about equal for both CTC clients vs. non-clients at 6.74 vs. 6.71 — but CTC clients generated more revenue.

Success takes so much more than single-channel targets and short-term thinking. You don’t need a marketing agency. You need a partner that focuses on the health of your entire business.

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Melissa Rosen

Melissa Rosen is the Director of Marketing and Content at Common Thread Collective. Based in San Diego, California, she has spent the last decade exploring how to create engaging content that inspires, teaches, and entertains. Melissa can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn talking all things content, marketing, and ecommerce.