The Formula For Enhancing An Unboxing Experience

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 20 2019

Unboxing experiences are one of the most important stages of the customer journey in e-commerce. Yet, many marketers overlook or under-appreciate the value of this brand differentiator. 

As we approach the 2019 holiday season, this is the time of year where more customers are going to be experiencing your brand for the first time compared to any other purchase-point of the year. 

To make sure your post-purchase flow and packaging are enhanced and optimized to make the most of the holiday shopping season, we recommend creating a memorable unboxing experience for your brand. 

How do you create the best unboxing experience? The three components that make up the formula for unboxing success are: Mission, Magic, and Money. 

How do you reinforce the “why” behind your company mission?
How do you infuse serendipity into the brand that delights your customer?
How do you turn the customer into a referrer or bring them back to purchase again?


Ultimately, the best unboxing experiences give your customers the words they need to share your product with others. 

So what we challenge you to do is, as you think about your packaging for the 2019 holidays, order your own product and put yourself in the objective experience of the customer. Then ask yourself, is this communicating “mission, magic, and money”?

If not, then we’d love to talk and help you create a unique unboxing experience for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.