Merchandising Your Ad Account: A 4-Step Guide for Online Advertising

Common Thread Collective

by Common Thread Collective

Jan. 24 2023

In the world of brick-and-mortar retail, merchandising is the process of:

  1. Choosing which products to display, and
  2. Enticing customers to buy by presenting them in a creative way

We apply this concept to online advertising by thinking of the Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds as the "store window": we’re thoughtful not only about creative presentation, but also whether the products we display are the products we actually want people to buy.

Here’s a four-step process to help merchandise your ad account:

Step 1: Budget

Your available budget limits the number of options Facebook displays.

Be intentional about the offers you run, ensuring that there’s budget for at least 50 purchases per week per ad asset.

Step 2: Calendar

Align offers and products with the expectation and behavior of the community customer.

Product releases, promotions, and cultural events have the greatest impact in aligning the offer and product to the expectation and behavior of the community customer.

Step 3: Product

The products you choose to promote inside your ad account mark our third key step for consideration.

Outside of key calendar moments, your evergreen offers need to promote the best outcome for your business.

Focus on your products with the:

  1. Highest volume
  2. Highest margin
  3. Longest lifetime value
  4. Most readily available creative assets

The products that best fit these four criteria are also the best ones to promote within your ad account.

Step 4: Creative

Your ad account will only perform as well as the offer and audience tied to your products.

Create a compelling offer for specific audiences.

The clearest audience and most obvious angle drive the best ad performance.

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