LTV:CAC Cohort Analysis

by Taylor Holiday

Sep. 24 2019

If you own or work for a consumable e-commerce brand, the video you're about to watch (I am willing to bet) is the most significant data analysis that you will see for the rest of 2019.

I know... a bold claim.

But, the reason why is because this analysis that we did on cohort specific LTV to CAC for our consumable skin care brand, completely transformed the understanding of our business.

It even led us to have the largest revenue month, week, and day in the history of the brand.

So, we're about to take you through a 25 minute video breakdown of how we setup, aggregate, and analyze data for our skin care brand Bambu Earth. Plus, analysis of our product specific cohort LTV to CAC.


We cannot stress enough how critical this information is to your ecomm business.

It's been completely transformative not only for our own business to outline LTV to CAC by specific cohorts, but for our clients’ success. I’m confident it will transform your business too, which is why we hosted a Live Webinar within our Admission community to help. 

Unfortunately, this information is REALLY hard to access on your own. There are no tools that allow you to easily access this data (until now).

Good news for you – we’ve built a sheet that is completely automated using Zapier, Google Sheets, Shopify and FB ads manager.  Plus, we’ll train you on how to use the sheet in the Webinar.

Want to access the full webinar and LTV/CAC sheet? Join Admission to access the comprehensive training so that you can use this game-changing analysis for your own business! 

Taylor Holiday is the CEO of Common Thread Collective. A former professional baseball player who lucked into entrepreneurship over a decade ago, Taylor lives in Southern California with his amazing wife and three kids — “who are my world.” He’d love to connect with you on Twitter or LinkedIn.