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by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Nov. 19 2018

Dealing with in-laws and travel plans, packed parking lots at the mall, trying to decipher your grandma’s secret recipe for her famous sweet potato casserole, keeping your uncle away from the spiked egg nog because it seems like every year now is an election year and no one needs a repeat of 2016, the holidays are exhausting.

That’s where the Official Ca$#tag Holiday Gift Guide becomes your survival guide. The perfect thing you need to navigate the minefield of gift buying that’s full of more traps and puzzles than The Temple of Doom.

The Perfect Gift For:

The Weekend Warrior

This is the Ultimate Ca$#tag Holiday Bundle. Perfect for the friend or family member who seems to just moving from one gym selfie to the next; the person who drops the word “WOD” into casual conversation; the person who you[‘re afraid to go Black Friday shopping with because there was too much blood last year. The Ultimate Ca$#tag Holiday Bundle includes an outfit from Born Primitive they’ll be excited to show off in their next gym selfie, a 12-pack of KNOW Foods cookies, high in protein, low in carbs and made from natural ingredients allowing them to brag about eating like a caveman while still enjoying something that’s not beef jerky or tree bark, a 4-pack of O2 Natural Recovery drinks, the best way to recover after a hard workout or stay strong and power through your fourth doorbuster sale, and a pair of his and hers QALO silicone wedding rings as proof that, beneath it all, they still have a heart. With a resting rate of 44 beats per minute. Something they’ll be sure to also brag about.

The Mom on the Go

The term “Soccer Mom” should be a badge of honor. Kids don’t just magically appear at practice and ballet recitals. Make her feel like more than just a glorified Uber driver with the Ca$#tag I Heart Mom pack. This bundle includes a 24-Pack of KNOW Foods cookies so she always has healthy snacks for the kids, KNOW Foods waffles and pancake batter so she has healthy options for Christmas brunch, a QALO rings gift set so she can show her love wherever she goes in a way that always matches her outfit, a QALO teething necklace to help keep her hands free while dealing with a busy baby, and the In and Out Bundle from PACT Basics, 100% organic cotton, super comfortable clothing giving her something cute to wear while at her sixth gymnastics meet this month and also something ultra comfortable to wear when she finally gets home and is ready to unwind after a long day. Just add a glass of red wine and any movie with Jude Law in it for the perfect evening.

The Dad Bod Bundle

Being a dad is tough. Time spent at the gym has turned to time at the office and tailgating every Sunday has turned into having a small lunch and taking a nap on the couch during the 3rd quarter. Help give dad everything he needs to rock his new calling in life with the Dad Bodndle. The Dad Bodndle starts with the Axe Bat Ultimate Hitters bundle, a bundle that includes the best, most technically advanced baseball bat on the market plus 3 training bats with 24 weeks of training so dad can forever retain the title of “Coach” to his boys, a QALO ring gift bundle, so he can have a safe, comfortable way to show his commitment while working in the yard or finally finishing that project 1984 Corvette he swore he’d have fully restored 6 years ago, and 3 hats from ‘47 Brand, so you still know what team he’s rooting for during that 3rd quarter nap.

The Health Nutcracker

For the person in the family who’s impossible to cook for, the Ca$#tag Health Nutcracker bundle is the perfect gift. Gluten-free, fair trade, vegan, will only drink dairy if it’s from goats raised in the Southern Hemisphere, we all know that person. That’s why the Ultimate KNOW Foods bundle is the perfect gift for them. Waffles, pancakes, bread, cookies, even ketchup, all made from all natural ingredients and completely grain free, it’s delicious food that fits every healthy diet. Plus, in this bundle, there are two 100% organic cotton, completely fair trade outfits from PACT. The perfect look for stepping out of a Prius in style.

The Peter Pan

He graduated 12 years ago but still refers to himself as a Sigma Chi and calls his own mom “Bro”. Some people will never grow up. For him, a 12-pack of O2 Natural Recovery, It’s 4x more hydrating than water and is great for after a workout, but also a great cure for a hangover, and a pair of hats from ‘47, because backwards hats will never go out of style.

The Love Birds

It’s November 2nd and you’ve already received their Christmas card in the mail. Every #mancrushmonday she talks about her superhero of a husband. Every #throwbackthursday is of one of the seemingly 8,000 vacations they’ve been on. The easy gift for these two is a pairing of His and Hers Ring Gift Sets from QALO. They’ll love it and there’s a chance you get a shoutout when they post pictures of them all over their Instagram Story.

The Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

What do you get the person who has everything? It’s simple really; you get them a customized QALO Dog ID Tag and Dog Bed. If a person has everything then, therefore, they have a dog. That’s just good science. And that dog is probably referred to as a fur baby. The math doesn’t check out as cleanly on that one but you know it’s true. They’ll love anything you get them for their pup and the customizations that QALO offers let you add that extra personal touch to the gift to make it perfect.

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