Tell Me Your Dreams

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 12 2019


You know that feeling when you work all day but never get to what’s actually important? Tell Me Your Dreams (TMYD) is a proactive mental health methodology that interrupts distraction, resets your priorities and empowers you to get what you really want.

At Common Thread Collective, we know that you want your life to count. In order to do that, you need to (a) know what your real dreams are and (b) set your world up to achieve them. 

The problem is distractions – your mental health and work never let you get to the really important stuff and this dynamic can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. We believe it’s wrong to feel, “I work this hard and never get to things that matter most in your life.” We also understand how hard it is to make yourself (and your dreams) a priority.

That’s why we created the Tell Me Your Dreams program. Through TMYD, we help our employees explore, identify, declare, pursue and achieve their dreams, often in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

Here's how we do it:  
  1. First, we reframe mental health around aspirations through our Tell Me Your Dreams program.
  2. Next, we have licensed mental health professionals on staff who work with every employee to explore, identify, declare and actively pursue individual dreams that have nothing to do with the company’s interests.
  3. Finally, we enjoy the benefits of knowing that 100% of our employees believe they are in their dream job or have a job that makes their dreams come true.



As a result of implementing TMYD, we’ve motivated our employees to give their all by finding real meaning in their work. This combination of inviting drive and finding thrive is core to everything we do. 

From being ranked Glassdoor’s “Best Place to Work” to supporting positive employee-turnover as team members leave CTC in pursuit of their dreams – we’ve helped hundreds of clients and employees move from self-awareness to becoming the best versions of themselves – and fall in love with where they work in the process.


We have submitted TMYD as a PanelPicker topic to present at SXSW festival. If you believe that TMYD is a modality that should be shared with the world to change workplace culture, vote for "Proactive Mental Health: The New Office Ergonomics" HERE.