Your dream is the
common thread.

We know what it’s like to run a business; we know what it’s like to watch something grow and thrive against the odds. And the “common thread” we saw between successful entrepreneurs is the strength of their dreams.

But What Is a Dream?

A dream is a future reality you desire to create.

Under this definition, a dream is simply a goal that is weighted with personal meaning, planning with passion.


1. Dreams can be grounded.

Here’s a (real client’s) dream we love: “Be the Official Sponsor of the Crossfit Games in 10 years.” But it’s also achievable. If you want to become the sponsor of the CrossFit games in ten years, there are specific growth goals you can move towards, across a specific timeline. We can help with this kind of dream.

2. Big dreams are made of small pieces.

Dreams don’t have to be massive to make a real difference. And in fact, taking small steps often IS the difference. If your dream is to create a reality, then we think it makes a lot of sense to pursue it in realistic pieces. What is the small step CTC can help you take?

3. We are the champions of your dream.

We want to be the advocate for your dream. This means that we can’t name your dream for you. We’re here to fight for your dream, not ours.

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  • Is my dream possible?
  • Can my dream be constructed out of objective goals?
  • Am I passionate about my dream?
  • Does my dream have buy in from everyone in my organization?
  • Can part of my dream be achieved in one year?

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