The Power of Outliers: A Deep Dive into Bambu Earth’s Unmatched Ad Performance

Common Thread Collective

by Common Thread Collective

Feb. 20 2024

Welcome to our new Outliers series, a video series that delves into the success stories of remarkable brands and the outlier ads that propelled them to greatness.

If you’ve run Facebook ads or worked inside of a brand for a long time, you know this story …

No matter what you try, there is always that one ad that significantly outperforms every other piece of content. Those ads that are 300x the value of every other asset.

In this series, we'll dissect ten different brands, dissecting the outlier ads that helped mold them into the industry leaders they are today. By analyzing not just the outlier ad, but also the broader advertising strategy, we aim to glean insights that can revolutionize our creative processes.

Bambu Earth

Our journey begins with Bambu Earth, a skincare brand we own at 4x400.

Over the past three years, Bambu Earth has rolled out over 2500 ads. The average spend per ad stands at $2,599, while the median spend is a mere $70. However, amidst this sea of ads lies a standout, an outlier that defies convention.

This particular ad clocked an astonishing $644,000 in spend and contributed millions to the brand's revenue—a staggering 320 times the average.

Understanding the Outlier

What makes this ad so special? Let's break it down.

First, the ad adopts the Jonah Peretti principle, immediately establishing a connection with its target audience—women in their forties and fifties. It leverages the allure of natural ingredients, addressing a common concern about skincare products, and specifically retinol.

Moreover, this ad features real customers sharing their genuine experiences, injecting a sense of authenticity.

Once you click ‘Shop Now’ there is a corresponding offer that drops into a skin quiz, getting personalization right off the backend of it.

While outliers like this ad are rare, they're not impossible.

The trick is to understand the underlying patterns that make them successful and apply those lessons to your broader creative strategy.

Rather than chasing outliers, aim for consistency and reliability. And remember, tools like Marpipe and Grapevine can help you take more shots on goal, increasing your chances of hitting that sweet spot.

By learning from these outliers, we can enhance our creative processes and aim for consistently strong results. Join us next week for another exploration into the world of outliers. Until then, keep creating and keep learning.

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