Analytics for Ecommerce Brands by DTC Operators

Profitable ecommerce growth starts with the right data

Lifetime Value Dashboard: Cash Multiplier
Revenue Dashboard: Sales vs. Target
Revenue Dashboard: New Customers Percentage of Total Customers
Ecommerce Growth Formula
Ecommerce Growth Formula

To grow your ecommerce business, only four metrics matter:

  • Visitors
  • Conversion rate
  • Lifetime value
  • And, variable costs

Unfortunately, no single point of truth brings those crucial variables together.

Until now …

Our analytics tool unites all your business’ data — across platforms. Even better, it gives you actionable benchmarks to track growth against similar businesses.

Get early access to the insights you need for growing your ecommerce business:


Understand your traffic intimately and effortlessly, from channel mix to Facebook efficiency.

Improve creative performance by examining your best and worst ads through the lens of AIDA: attention, interest, desire, and action.

Plus, see how your traffic sources compare to other businesses.

Growth Data Tool: Visitors Dashboard

Conversion Rate

Site-wide conversions tell you nothing about how your individual funnels are performing.

Instead, break down your pages — products, collections, and landers — by site speed, conversion rate, and real dollars.

Growth Data Tool: Conversion Rate Dashboard - Top Landing Pages

Lifetime Value

Get cohort-specific data organized by time period, seasonality, first-product purchase, discount code, campaigns, channels, and more.

Unlock your LTV:CAC ratio through endless variables and elegant simplicity.

Growth Data Tool: Lifetime Value Dashboard

Variable Costs

Easily determine your business’ profitability. Use your own method or our four-quarter accounting: (1) cost of delivery, (2) customer acquisition, (3) operational expenses, and (4) profit.

Best of all, gauge yourself against comparable brands on everything from fixed costs — like rent — to COGS.

Growth Data Tool: Variable Costs combining data from quickbooks and shopify


Track critical metrics like Marketing Efficiency Rating (MER) — total sales divided by total ad spend — to truly measure success.

Immediately identify your most-profitable channels and campaigns … as well as exactly where you need to improve.

Growth Data Tool: Revenue Dashboard

Be the first to access this powerful analytics tool and dashboard!

Unearth your 60, 90, and 120-day LTV. Invest in your highest-ROI channels. Optimize your ads, pages, and funnels.

Beat the competition with data your competitors don’t have.

And, for eligible businesses, we’ll schedule a
one-on-one to go behind the scenes …

*Presently available for Shopify businesses only