We turn the strands of your business into a Common Thread


Every business needs a purpose. At CTC, ours is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. But what if you need your dream interpreted? Branding services at CTC are built to turn a great idea into a persuasive message and a compelling design—it’s a whole system of identity that speaks multitudes, to multitudes.

What We Offer

Brand Workshops - Intensive sessions that help us get a picture of your dream.

Brand Book - Comprehensive guidelines to your brand’s internal and external identity, plus key examples of how it’s going to be implemented online.

Customer Discovery Reports - An in-depth analysis of your target market, including qualitative, in-person research and interviews with people who look like you.

Brand Style Guide - Color palette and typography that’ll make your brand pop.

Photography - Beautiful, on-brand product assets, created by our in-house team.

Web Design - Implementing your brand in its most important form.

Copywriting - Turning your message into poetry. The kind that persuades.

Why We Do It

CTC exists because we’re passionate about purpose. And branding means being in the business of purpose. Our fire is ignited by entrepreneurs for whom their business gives their lives meaning; and we’re excited to take our energy and yours and focus it into a single, powerful point.

How We Do It

We do it by getting into a room with you and getting to know you. Your brand needs to contain the same authentic, human charisma that great people have; so we make it our goal to transform businesses into personalities that can be shared with the world.

After the workshop phase, we retreat into our creative cave, bouncing ideas off the walls and each other. We emerge at an agreed upon time with the brand identity packages, assets and guidelines that you need to genuinely show the beating heart at the core of your business.

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