You’re Missing Your Audience If You’re Missing Snapchat

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Jun. 12 2019


Snapchat has gone from a must-have app for millennials to a must-have social advertising channel for the world's biggest brands.

Social media giants like Facebook have dominated the social advertising space for years – until now. With major brands ranging from Taco Bell to Gatorade utilizing Snapchat, it’s clear that to win on paid social, marketers need to diversify their advertising efforts across multiple platforms.

Snapchat is one of the most widely used apps among millennials today. Since the app hit the market five years ago, it has grown to boast over 190 million active daily users – making it bigger than Twitter, which averages 126 million users per day. The majority of these users range from ages 13 to 34, and it's still growing. 

This camera-focused app is not just for snapping a selfie with a dog filter, it has grown into a full-fledged tool for brands to capitalize on. Snapchat offers more today than it ever did in terms of entertainment, news, and new features for its users, along with more sophisticated options for advertisers.

Not convinced yet? Let's dive into a few reasons why your brand is missing out if you are not on Snapchat.


1. The Millennial Audience Loves Snapchat

  • Snapchat reaches 90% of 13-24-year-olds in the US. That means Snapchat reaches more 13-24 year-olds in the U.S. than Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger combined.
  • 49% of Snapchat users consider themselves “impulse shoppers”.
  • 22% of Snapchatters in the U.S. do not use Facebook in any given month. These numbers only go up as you look at other platforms.
  • Snap users open the app more than 20 times per day and spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the app.

2. New Direct Response Toolkits

  • Easily integrate your Snap Pixel with your Shopify Store.
  • New creative options that drive conversions: Story Ads, Snap Ads, Collection Ads.
  • Bid against your key performance indicators! Snapchat is seeing reliable results in direct-response business advertising.
  • 600 million purchase events were recorded in Q4 of 2018, up from 230 million in Q3 of 2018.

3. Advertise For Less With Fewer Players In The Game


  • Less competition. Only 1,400 advertisers were using Snapchat ads for one-off campaigns during Q4 of the past year.
  • Cost-per-purchase is more efficient than ever, showing results as low as $3.06 per purchase.
  • Cost-per-impression is aggressively lower when compared to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Maximize your cross-channel efforts by prospecting at a lower price on Snapchat and then re-marketing that traffic on Facebook.

4. Influencer Marketing & Brand Partnerships

  • Snap is continuing its big push into e-commerce by bringing native checkout to five influencers on the app. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Shay Mitchell, Spencer Pratt, and Bhad Bhabie are the first to receive the new feature with more to come. Plus, the native commerce feature is powered by Shopify.
  • The in-app shopping experience is rivaling new features recently launched by Instagram, but at a lower cost.

5. Creative Tool Kits

  • Snap Publisher: Easily create Snap Ad videos from templates or from scratch.
  • Convert pre-existing horizontal videos into vertically oriented ones.
  • Enhance video files with design elements like text, audio, images, and animations. 
  • Customize your Snap Ads with content relevant to your audience and generate multiple variations to learn which performs best.


Snapchat is becoming more enticing to advertisers who are looking to diversify their marking cost-effectively.

We are excited to partner with our clients to hit the ground running with Snapchat ahead of competitors who have yet to consider using the platform. We are confident that this platform is going to continue to drive massive opportunities for profit and scale for our e-commerce clients.

How are you going to take advantage of Snapchat today? Start by contacting us at Common Thread!