Why You Need To Run Instagram Story Ads For Black Friday

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 15 2019


Instagram Stories are a form of media sharing on the Instagram app, that last only 24 hours from the time of posting. But, they're not just an organic form of social media distribution – stories can also be utilized for paid media ads. 

In fact, at Common Thread Collective, utilizing Instagram Story ads is a best practice of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertising strategy. 


Here's 4 reasons why you should run Instagram Story Ads for your Holiday Marketing Campaign:

1. Low CPM's

At Common Thread Collective, we've found that Instagram Stories have the lowest cost-per-impression (CPM). This means you're able to get cheaper delivery and reach more people for  less budget for your holiday ad campaigns. 


2. Feel Native To Your Customer's Feed

From a user-experience standpoint, Instagram Stories feel more organic to the platform in comparison to an in-stream ad. This trend of creating content that feels native to the feed, is a strategy used among top advertisers that are utilizing IG Stories and will be key to winning with your ads on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


3. Cheap Cost

Instagram Stories have cheaper cost per unique add-to-cart and cost per unique checkout. For IG stories in particular, we see the cheapest cost for these metrics in comparison to any other social media placement.


4. Vertical Content

Gone are the days of using horizontal video for your Black Friday ads. Shoot your content in vertical 9x16 format to get the best bang for your buck in terms of ad dollars. This is because Instagram Story sized videos can also be used on Instagram and Facebook feeds. 


If you're looking for a partner to help you launch IG stories on Instagram, partner with us at Common Thread Collective for developing your holiday strategies around Black Friday and Cyber Monday across all placements.