Why Brand Matters in Ecommerce (And What You Can Do About It…)

Ecommerce shopping all happens in one spot: online. I mean, obviously. But it’s easy to miss the practical ramifications of this no-duh fact: from seeing an ad, to clicking on an ad, to browsing a website, to making a purchase, every part of the shopping experience happens while the customer is in the same physical space. Every part of your store, in other words, is already in your customer’s house.


So what’s the rug that ties the room together? What’s the one thing that keeps the customer engaged through the entire process, from ad to sale, while they’re commuting on the subway or ignoring an episode of Chopped on the couch while they browse their Facebook feed?




Brand is the way you tell the world the story of what sets your company apart. It’s also your most important value proposition—there are hundreds of companies selling shoes, for instance, but there’s only one company that sells Nike. Your company’s look, feel and voice all add up to one thing—a personality. A unique set of traits that, when taken together as a whole, form a single, irreplaceable individual. And that, ultimately, is what you want to be selling.


Now, how do you make that personality ready for the internet? We’ve got a suggestion…


How about by hiring a creative team that knows how to translate your unique vision and voice into web-based sales? And what if that team had design, copy, web development, and market research capabilities born in the trenches of conversion-focused advertising? And what if, once that brand was built, a team of smart, hungry marketers was raring to bring your new identity and message to the people who most want to hear about it?


From website overhauls to redesigns to full-on branding exercises, we’re here to help.


If you’re interested in building a digitally native brand with a bunch of digital natives, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us below to get started!






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