What We Learned Scaling Love Wellness To 5x ROAS on Facebook

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

May. 16 2019

We grew our eCommerce client, Love Wellness, to over a 5X ROAS in the last month. Now, we're excited to share the successful strategies we used to get and stay there.


The Assignment

Love Wellness is a one-stop-shop for women's wellness, providing women with natural, organic, doctor-recommended solutions for vaginal and personal care. It has a range of products suited to help you "take care down there" ranging from OTC suppositories for common infections to safe personal hygiene cleansers, as well as a line of vitamin supplements for PMS and Total Body Care.

We eagerly took on Love Wellness as a client last November. It was an exciting time as we were launching straight into Black Friday and we saw great success on Facebook during the holidays. However, what we had to tackle together as a team was creating a strategy to grow their business during the slower shopping seasons of Q1 and Q2.

During this time, we have been rigorously testing to find the best ad buying strategies and marketing positioning to bring Love Wellness to the healthy Facebook return they are maintaining today: more than a 5x ROAS.
So what did we learn in this process? Check out our findings below.

Image Credit: Love Wellness

The Strategy

1. Good PR Matters

In a time of increased skepticism for buying consumables online, utilizing PR in our ads has been a major key to gain the trust of consumers. It’s not easy to convince a person who has never heard of your brand before to take a supplement pill. However, we found that by utilizing a quote from Forbes along with other sources to validate the product, we were able to see a significant lift in ROAS, compared to our ads that did not feature PR quotes.


Image Credit: Love Wellness


2. Create Dynamic Ads to a Broad Audience

Dynamic ads to a broad audience (or DABA for short) allow you to reach people who have expressed interest in your products or products similar to yours, even if they haven't visited your website or app yet. When you target a broad audience, people in this audience automatically see products from your catalog that are likely relevant to them.

DABA provides relevancy at scale, presents an acquisition strategy that is supported by user behavior, and generates results that are measurable down to the product level. When Dynamic Ad campaigns are in place, it’s easy to test the ability to capture an audience based on real-world signals.

However, DABA has not worked for all of our agency’s clients… but it worked especially well for Love Wellness. There’s a key reason for this: beautiful product photography and great branding.

Love Wellness has an eye-catching catalog, filled with bright colors and chic product packaging. On social media, where you have an average of fewer than three seconds to capture someone’s attention, it’s important that your product images are aesthetically pleasing and the branding elements are strong.


Image Credit: Love Wellness


3. Obsessively Test Creative and Copy to Improve Performance

Every week in this account, we have launched creative and copy tests to try and improve on our best performing ads. For example, we recently tested the top-selling Bye Bye Bloat on a plain, white background versus a stylized blue background with the pills showing. Of course, we also utilized the best performing PR in the headline and used a review in the top text to drive home the social validation.


Image Credit: Love Wellness

Can you guess which one received almost double the other ad’s ROAS? The beautiful product on the blue background was the winner!

Small changes like this have can have a huge impact on return, which is why we constantly test our hypothesis on the Facebook platform to try and continuously improve performance.

We also test different value propositions in the top text and in the headline. For the test below, we wanted to see whether our target audience would care more about having “Countertop Worthy Vitamins” versus “Less Bloat and Better Sleep? Sign Me Up!”. The first angle was to play off of the beautifully designed packaging, while the latter was to focus on the benefits of the pills.


Image Credit: Love Wellness

The clear winner in this test, with more than 2x the ROAS of the other ad was “Less Bloat and Better Sleep? Sign Me Up!” This has helped our team ideate for upcoming copy tests and solidified that we should focus on the product benefits in the copy as opposed to the packaging.


The Result

By utilizing good PR, creating Dynamic Ads to a Broad Audience and testing creative to improve performance, we scaled Love Wellness to more than a 5x ROAS to grow their business during what is normally a slow shopping season.

When applied to your own business, these strategies for success can spark new ideas for your own paid social strategy and growth. Want to enlist our team of experts to help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Common Thread Collective!