What is a Customer Acquisition Specialist (at CTC)?

What is a Customer Acquisition Specialist (at CTC)?


This is a question we sometimes find even ourselves asking—what are these Facebook wizards doing in the ominous darkness of the strategists’ office? How are they able to take the words, images, and strategies we create and spin them into gold?


Of course, this mystical transformation of ads into sweet, sweet revenue isn’t quite so otherworldly. “Customer Acquisition Specialist” is CTC’s name for the people who actively manage ads in any given social media platform—placing them where they need to be, adjusting ad spend based on performance, and relentlessly hunting down revenue by manipulating the infinite power of the digital ad platform.


Though the Customer Acquisition Specialist (or CAS) can seem like a magician to those of us who are out-of-platform, in reality, the job most resembles that of a digital day trader—the CAS analyzes all available data and watches the ebb and flow of ad performance. Is an ad getting expensive clicks? The CAS kills it. Is an ad making a massive return on ad spend? The CAS pulls budget from underperforming ads and reallocates it towards the winning ad, letting it rocket into the stratosphere.


I asked in-platform genius Scott Kramer, one of our Acquisition Specialists, about what his job entailed. This is how he described his main tasks:


Spend For Success


This means identifying a client’s specific success metric and optimizing their ad spend to achieve that goal. For instance, if a client makes a product that people are likely to buy again and again, the CAS might optimize the account for scale rather than profitability, since acquiring as wide a range of customers as possible has serious long-term benefits.


If a client’s product has a high price point, is innovative or new, or is otherwise unusual or unheard of, the CAS may optimize for video views, tracking how long a user watches video content created specifically to educate potential customers. Since some products require a longer customer journey down the funnel, the CAS adjusts spend to cheaply and efficiently educate prospective customers in hopes of converting a sale further down the line.


Of course, if the client is out for pure profitability, the CAS will optimize for conversion, allocating spend toward ads that are directly driving sales.


Work Out Your ABS (Always Be Scaling)


When possible, of course. Part of the creative task of being a CAS is finding innovative ways to leverage new audiences to scale ad spend at a favorable return. If an ad is returning at 6 to 1 with limited delivery, the CAS does everything in his or her power to get the ad in front of more people, so you’re getting that tasty 6 to 1 return on $2000 of spend, rather than $500.


Chase Those Trends


Just like in the world of day trading, the CAS’ job hinges on accurately interpreting data to identify and take advantage of trends quickly and efficiently. Is the click-through rate on a particular ad really an indicator of good ad performance? Or is it actually driving poor traffic that won’t convert? Leveraging all available data to identify which ads need a boost, the CAS watches like a hawk, observes trends from miles in the sky, and pounces on the promising ones.



In the course of this blog, I’ve compared the CAS to a wizard, a day trader, and a hawk—maybe the lesson here is that their function can be hard for the outsider to define, and their work can seem as confusing a mix as my metaphors.


But the clearest comparison is this: the Customer Acquisition Specialist is the helmsman (or woman) that directs CTC toward the bright shores of great ad performance. Our experts navigate the sometimes-overwhelming waters of digital advertising platforms, avoiding nasty currents and getting our clients’ ads right where they need to go.


Work with CTC to tap into this expertise, or check out our blogs and videos for tips on how you can maximize the power of Facebook, Google, and other digital ad platforms.


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