The Weekly Roundup

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Sep. 13 2019

Facebook Is Checking You Out

Facebook is testing out two new features right now. In-app checkouts for Facebook ads and a new ad unit for Instagram.

The first, is in-app checkouts. Facebook is testing a native checkout system on dynamic ads in the FB newsfeed that allows someone to check out on the app. The second feature, Instagram is now testing turning organic shopping posts into Instagram ads.

Why does this matter? Facebook estimates that friction in the online checkout process will cost the U.S. $213 billion this year. With these initiatives Facebook hopes to recoup some of that cost and de-frictionize (is that a word?) the online checkout process.

Social Media For Good

We hear so many stories of the negative effects of Social Media. Whether it’s bullying, spamming, Russian bots, etc. – we tend to miss out on some of the good stories out there. 

To sprinkle some positivity about social media, take the example of Jaja Tequila.  A year ago, they posted a photo of a tequila “ice-cream” truck (it was photoshopped). As it turns out, the response was so huge (getting thousands of likes, shares across social media platforms, requests to rent it) that they decided to actually create the truck. It’s now a huge hit that they use for sponsorship events, giveaways, and as a moving billboard. 

Want some more feel good news? A young boy in Florida who loves Tennessee football (God bless his soul) wanted to wear a shirt to school supporting his team but didn’t have a real UT shirt.

Instead, he drew UT on a piece of paper and wore it to school. He was bullied relentlessly for his design and in response his teacher posted a story about his T-shirt on Facebook.

The story ended up going viral and it has become a huge hit not only in Knoxville, but in the college football landscape as a whole. UT ended up taking his design and made them into official university shirts – they're selling like hotcakes. UT makes no money on this, as all the proceeds go to the charitable organization “Stomp Out Bullying”. 

Source: Marketing Dive


The iPhone 11 Has Arrived…. 

Mark your calendars! Your chance to preorder Apple’s latest smartphone will begin this Friday, September 13th. With a dual camera system, new flashy colors, and unparalleled speed- This next-gen iPhone is quite a step up from its predecessor (the XS/XR). 

But, what’s the best part? THE PRICE! Starting at just $699, the iPhone 11 has all the same features as the generation iPhone XR, but for almost $300 less. Score! There are 3 versions of this new generation iPhone ( the 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max). Below are general updates across all models, but if you want to see how they compare to each other, check out this link

So what else? Below is a bulleted list of all the new features Apple has outlined on their website. 

  • Precision design & display: iPhone 11 will feature the toughest glass ever, water resistant up to 2-4meters (or 30 minutes), and protect again coffee spills (Rejoice!)
  • 6 new colors (iPhone 11 only): purple, green, yellow, black, white, and red! iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Plus have 4 colors (midnight green, gold, space grey, and silver)
  • A13 Bionic: Fast chip EVER in a smartphone (20% faster than A12). This chip also enables all-day battery life.
  • Dual camera system: The iPhone 11 will offer the highest quality video, night mode capabilities and a new “wide” and “ultra wide” camera feature.
  • Face ID upgrade: The updated version will work up to 30% faster and support more angles.
  • iOS13: Software update! Featuring “dark mode”, which is a more private way to sign in to apps and websites and an all new Maps experience. This new update also includes a more comprehensive photo editing feature.

You’ll be able to see this new generation of technology in the flesh on September 20th! Visit an Apple store near you and check out Tim Cook’s latest brainchild.

Source: Apple News