Vote CTC for SXSW 2020 on PanelPicker

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 06 2019


Voting is now open for the SXSW 2020 PanelPicker!

This year, CTC has submitted a session on "Proactive Mental Health: The New Office Ergonomics" in the Workplace category of the conference which you can vote for through Friday, August 23rd. To help make our dreams a reality, create an account and vote today!

To Vote: 

PanelPicker is a session proposal platform that gives the community a significant voice in programming conference activities for SXSW.

Here's how it works: Prospective speakers (like our team at CTC) submit their session ideas to PanelPicker, then the community, SXSW Advisory Board and SXSW staff vote on the best proposals to make it to the festival stage. 

Community input is very important in terms of shaping the look and feel of the 2020 event. More than 6,100 proposals were received for SXSW this past year. With so many high-quality entries, CTC is relying on public voting support to make it through the selection process.


SXSW 2020 PanelPicker


Our Submission to SXSW 2020, titled "Proactive Mental Health: The New Office Ergonomics" focuses on the need for mental health care to be proactively addressed inside the workplace. 

Here’s how we solve for this gap in workplace culture and care:

  1. First, we reframe mental health around aspirations through our Tell Me Your Dreams program.
  2. Next, we have mental health professionals on staff who work with every employee to explore, identify, declare and actively pursue individual dreams that have nothing to do with the company’s interests.
  3. Finally, we enjoy the benefits of knowing that 100% of our employees believe they are in their dream job or have a job that makes their dreams come true.

By addressing mental health proactively in the workplace, it develops a symbiotic relationship between employee and employer. This is not for altruism, it’s a practical mandate for success. 

As a result, employees are motivated to care about the company's dreams as much as their own dreams. After all, a mentally healthy workforce is a motivated workforce

We know that companies everywhere want to be sought after in their industry. In order to do that, they need healthy, high functioning employees who are fantastic at their jobs. By offering workplace therapy, the effects not only benefit internal employees, but also improves employer’s external recruiting efforts. Having a reputation for fostering a workforce that is mentally healthy is a massive competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting talent.  

To vote for our submission on the TMYD program and Mental Health in the workplace category at SXSW, visit: