TMYDiaries: Do What You Love..

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 30 2018

Have you heard of our Tell Me Your Dreams or TMYD program? It’s an opportunity offered to all of our full-time employees to activate and empower them toward their dreams, whatever they may be. Each participant meets with a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist twice a month during work hours to discover, define, and work toward their dreams, and then CTC helps them get after it—even if that means they leave us in the process! #positiveturnover


We’ve had some team members start their own businesses, invest in others, and even try out a move to the Pacific Northwest. But one of us has decided to go back to school while balancing her time here: me!


If we haven’t met, I’m Amanda. Some people around here call me Rosie, but I’m CTC’s copywriter-HR specialist and I love getting to share what makes CTC the greatest place to work right here on the blog.


I also love getting to support and care for the employees here, and in my desire to expand my knowledge and my ability to serve others, I recently started a graduate program to get my Master’s of Social Work. You read that right, not an MBA or a master’s in digital marketing or advertising, but social work, caring for the most vulnerable individuals. But the coolest part is that I came to this decision because of my time in TMYD with Tommy, because of the support of the partners and my team members. You guys, they even got me swag from my school to celebrate the accomplishment!



This week was my second in class, and though I felt like a geriatric member of the student body…


Image result


…getting to sit with my fellow grad students in a classroom and spend six hours talking about subjects I’m extremely passionate about felt so satisfying and inspiring. Also, CTC allows me to spend a workday in class on-campus. WHAT?


It may take some time for me to consistently remember that I now have homework and I will NEVER have the school spirit my university is known for, but I keep pinching myself with gratitude for this opportunity to follow my dreams and put myself in the arena.


We’ve all heard the saying, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” but it’s false. Do what you love and the work will be worth the effort—especially when you’ve got support like I do.


Stay tuned for more TMYDiaries.