The Weekly Roundup

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Sep. 20 2019

Facebook Is Updating Their Toys

Facebook just released a lot of new updates aimed at video creators and publishers, but if you're trying to save time and brain power, here are two important ones:

  1. Live Video: Facebook released a host of changes to better accommodate users who want to Live Broadcast from the platform. The noteworthy updates – there is now a rehearsal feature (used by QVC), the hours to broadcast have been doubled from four hours to eight hours (used by NASA), and apps can now be connected to allow broadcasters to serve audiences outside of Facebook.
  2. Scheduling Instagram & IGTV Posts: Big news. You are now able to schedule Instagram and IGTV posts for up to six months in advance. 
Source: Tech Crunch

Another One (DJ Khaled Voice)

As if we didn’t need more streaming services on our credit card bill, NBC Universal is launching its own service called “Peacock” (yes, you read that correctly). It is set to be released April 2020 and will offer over 15,000 hours of content consisting of TV shows, movies, and original content.

Why is this important to you all? Well as many of you have heard, "The Office" will be removed from Netflix in 2021. Its new destination will be Peacock, who paid more than $500 million to pull the hit from Netflix. Unless you are one of the unicorns in the 20-45 age range who has never seen an episode of The Office, we're sure this is important to you.

Source: Tech Crunch

Amazon is Changing Their Tune

As if Amazon wasn’t integrated into your life enough, they’ve now released their own music streaming service called Amazon Music HD.

At $14.99/month $12.99 for prime members) Amazon Music gives you HD and Ultra HD quality across 50 million+ songs. This HD technology allegedly allows you to “Hear each song the way the artist intended.”

However, with Spotify and Tidal at only $9.99/month- it will be interesting to see how many music finatics make the jump to a different streaming service for essentially the same experience.

Source: Amazon


Snapchat Goes 3D

The new age of image sharing is among us! Snapchat is now offering a 3D filter option for those using an iPhone X model and above. This new filter will allow your Snaps to take on a 3D-like perspective with the touch of a button. Snapchat is utilizing Apple’s TrueDepth Camera to take high-quality photos and then reconstruct the image to make it look like a 3D model of the original picture. Talk about a selfie upgrade! Stay tuned… we know it’s only a matter of time until Instagram makes their own version.

Source: Engadget