The Weekly Roundup

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Oct. 25 2019

Shopify Takes The Silver

Shopify has finally surpassed E-Bay as the 2nd most popular online shopping destination. The Canada based e-commerce platform has taken the world by storm and has seen stock prices increase by 160% with revenue upwards of $360 million in the last quarter alone. 

Oh, and they’re not stopping there! 

With their recent acquisition of 6 Rivers System (for a cheap $450 mil) it’s obvious that Shopify is looking to go up against Amazon by building out its own shipping infrastructure. CEO Tobias Lutke said that, “with 6 River Systems, we will bring technology and operational efficiencies to companies of all sizes around the world.”

Source: The Observer


“Car Come Hither” 

Tesla’s taking AI to the next level with their latest feature called “Smart Summon”. 

You guessed it, “Smart Summon” literally drives your car to you with NO human behind the wheel. 

Using the Tesla app, owners will no longer have to trek through parking lots or down their long driveway to get into their cars. This new feature allows them to set their destination within 200 feet of the car and with a touch of a button- their vehicle will drive directly to them.

Although ground breaking, there have been a couple mishaps recorded along the way. Those mishaps include near crashes, ignored stop signs, painfully slow speeds, and fender benders. However, according to CNN, the feature has been used 55,000 times and no human injury has occurred (or been reported). 

I’m no Statistics Professor, but those odds seem good enough to me ;) 

Source: CNN 


Be Gone Likes!

We talked previously about IG testing hiding likes – now, Facebook is doing the same for a limited number of users in Australia. 

Facebook’s goal? To shift focus to the quality of content posted, rather than the quantity of likes accrued on a photo and create a less pressurized environment. 

Likes have turned into a weird form of social gratification where if you do get a bunch, you feel great. And if you don’t, you feel sad or embarrassed. 

Source: Business Insider


Jumping Ship

Ebay, Visa, Mastercard, and Stripe are all jumping ship from Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra. 

Why? Government regulators are continuing to scrutinize. 

Many of these companies interest in Libra comes from the fact that Libra could revolutionize digital payments worldwide, especially in 3rd world and developing nations. However, senators warned them that not only would they be carefully scrutinizing their association with Libra, but also increase scrutiny of their business as a whole. 

Source: NBC