The Weekly Roundup: Episode 8

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 02 2019


“Alexa, Buy Tiny House”

Among everything else they sell, Amazon now sell houses. You heard that right: houses. Very, very tiny ones.

Through its vendor Allwood, Amazon is selling a tiny home kit that only takes 8 hours to create, whereas the normal tiny home can take up to 3 months. It sells for $7,250 unlike the other tiny homes on the market that start at $25k. You can see some of the immediate benefits there. Now, Amazon says they aren’t meant to be used as a stand alone tiny home. Instead they are meant as a separate space off of your main house, like a guest house or yoga studio (boujee).

After launching in 2018, Allwood’s goal was to sell 250 units by end of year. However on Amazon right now, there are only two reviews for it, one praising the price point and one calling it a rip off.

Source: Business Insider

Snap is Back

Well it was never really gone, but certainly seemed like it was diminishing. For so long, Snap was the favorite little company of everyone – growing and growing in valuation, until suddenly they plummeted. Instagram stole their stories, they redesigned their app (which still looks like sh*t), and most importantly their ad platform sucked.

As of late, that has begun to change and more advertisers are flocking to Snapchat since there is less competition than Facebook. Snapchat just released something that should make it very easy to get more nascent advertisers on the platform and it’s called Instant Create. It is a three-step simple process for creating ads.

All you have to do is:

1. Identify the objective of your campaign (website visits, app installs, etc.)

2. Enter your website address

3. Finalize your audience targeting.

You can upload your own creative, but Snapchat will pull creative from your site and use the most popular templates to create your ad. What’s the main bonus here? Brands who are starting out and don’t have time/money for design work can use this to develop creative ads in a short amount of time. 

Source: Tech Crunch 

Google’s Got An Eye On You 👀

If you use google maps or any google apps, stop and read this. This may not be ground breaking news but location tracking allows google to store information about where you’ve been! Although they say the tracking history is for them to recommend more efficient and familiar routes – safety critics worry that if this information got into the wrong hands, it would be detrimental to the users information. Want to know if Google has your information? Go to this link

  • First, go to This is a good page to bookmark, since it gives you granular control over lots of privacy settings.
  • Next, scroll down to “Location History” and choose “Manage Location History.”
  • This is where you’ll see everywhere you’ve been. It’s a freaky level of detail.
  • Tap “Manage Location History” at the bottom of the screen again.
  • Toggle the button to turn off Location History.
  • To delete your history, do this:
  • Tap the settings button on the “Location History” map.
  • Select “Delete all location history.”

Source: NBC News

The Government’s Sack on Snap

A U.S. Senator recently proposed a bill that would end snap streaks! Gasp!

Say goodbye to the fire emoji, this new Bill would eradicate this feature in the app and stop rewarding “addictive” behavior. Apparently users are becoming so dedicated to their snapchat streak with friends that it’s causing a mental health crisis. In 2017, the Royal Society for Public Health determined that Snap was considered among the most detrimental social media networks to young people’s mental health. Yikes.

Along with axing the “streak”, this bill would ban autoplay and infinite scrolling options. Senator Josh Hawley said that there needs to be “natural stopping points” on social media platforms and that the SMART Act (Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology) would be the first step toward a healthier user experience.

Source: Reuters