The Weekly Roundup

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Sep. 06 2019


Yelp Is Here To Help

Gluten/dairy/sugar-free foodies take note! 

Yelp is updating their home settings to allow you to customize your homescreen to ALWAYS filter for personalized options nearby. 

Nothing is more of a first world problem than having to filter by “dog friendly” or “vegetarian” EVERY time you open up the app. So, Yelp took a step to improve user experience by allowing a new step of customization. What a time to be alive!

Update your preferences in one minute or less! Simply open up the Yelp app and...

  • Click the Heart that says “Picks For You”
  • Adjust Preferences
  • Scroll through and pick your dietary restrictions, your favorites, and your interests
  • And WAH-LAH! A customized experienced has commenced.

Source: Tech Crunch


The Next Generation Of Stalking Has Begun

Facebook is taking yet another stab at stealing SnapChat’s user base. News of their alleged companion app called “Threads” is meant to mimic SnapChat’s constant communication features by allowing instagramers to share everything from their location, battery life (?), to pictures with their closest friends on the gram. 

This copy cat behavior isn’t unheard of from Facebook. They received criticism back in 2016 when they released the “story” feature on their app (basically the same exact thing as Snapchat). 

Only time will tell how this will impact Snapchat’s user base, but all we know is that it will probably take a LOT more for people to give up their beloved dog filter.

Source: The Verge


Facebook Knows Your Fetishes

We had to wait a year since they first announced it, but Facebook is finally coming out with a tool that enables you to see what kind of info they collected on you outside of the walls of Facebook (i.e. news articles you’ve read, sites you’ve shopped on, and yes, even the porn you’ve watched). Don’t worry, it also serves as a tool to disassociate your account from that data. The new tool will be called “Off-Facebook Activity”.

Facebook collects info on everyone in two ways: 

  1. Tracking your on Facebook and related apps activity 
  2. Tracking the sites you visit off of Facebook. 

The key word here is disassociate! Your data will not be deleted, it will still live on Facebook servers. Instead, it will just be anonymized rather than paired with your profile. This means your browsing history won’t be used to serve you targeted ads. 

All in all, be careful what you look at online. If you’re going to look at “sensitive” information, just do what we do and go on ‘Incognito Mode’.

Source: Buzzfeed News


Humans Are Stupid

A few weeks back, a post started making the Instagram rounds that we’re sure you all saw. It went something like this “A new rule starts tomorrow when Instagram can use all of your photos. Post this message so they can’t use your photos. If you don’t post this, Instagram will have the ability to use your photos”. 

First and foremost, it looks like it was written by an illiterate caveman (or Gary Busey) with weird font, bad grammar, and improper capitalization. Regardless, lots of famous people reposted this such as Julia Roberts, Usher,Rob Lowe, and some of my less evolved friends. 

The best part yet, the guy who handles our nuclear bombs fell for this and posted it. Makes us feel cozy thinking about his intell(instagram)ence level. 

Here’s the major kicker to all of this, you have already given Instagram license to use your content just by signing up. Read the terms of use.

Source: Mashable