Introducing our brand-new website! Complete with a fresh look and feel that we’ve dubbed West Coast Athletic Tech (it’s a thing, promise).

Over the past nine months, we’ve been working on this secret, not-so-little project and we’re so excited to finally share it with you!

By using our internal web development and design teams to rebuild our site, we learned a few things along the way. Thinking about building or revamping your own site in-house? Consider the following.


1. It might take FOREVER.

Nine months is a long time! It’s a full-term pregnancy. It’s an entire school year. It’s about as long as the Magna Carta was in force. It’s exactly how long the Blitz spanned: one of the most defining moments in British History.

For our team, a normal website redesign and build takes about one month. Between serving an amazing bunch of entrepreneurs and juggling an extreme amount of company growth, we came to the end of this nine-month web sprint out of breath and exhausted. But also with an amazing feeling of pride and accomplishment. 🙌  


2. There is NO SUCH THING as an objective opinion.

Looking to stir up competing opinions and design preferences and really get to know your coworkers’ limits? Then this project would be perfect for you!

Because of the tight-knit family that CTC has grown to be, we quickly realized that it’s not just the partners that feel extremely close to our brand look, feel, messaging, and mission. This project was a journey of navigating different copywriting styles, various site layout dos and don’ts, and a lot of classic Taylor Holiday must-haves.


3. It may not actually be THAT cost effective.

We did the hourly math, and doing our site in house cost us roughly $113,400.00. Yikes.

Website services cost $35,000 on average for a full revamp, so obviously building our site internally was not exactly a profitable endeavor. However, the learnings that we gleaned, the teamwork that we built, and the laughs that we had along the way were priceless. 😉

We’re stoked to roll this out to you, and all before the craziness of Black Friday + Cyber Monday!

If you browse around and come across any mistakes, please feel free to comment or shoot us an email flagging it for us. We appreciate it 🙏


  • Philip Edsel

    Looks so good! Viewing it on mobile and it looks super slick. Congrats y’all.

  • Cory Hamilton


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