Taking Your Brain Beyond Your Business

by Common Thread Collective Collaborator

Aug. 24 2017

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Describing your relationship to your business is often a potent cocktail of mixed metaphors—rarely are things described as being your baby and your kingdom.


Obviously, there’s a common thread (hey!) that ties these metaphors together: It is the thing that primarily consumes your time, your energy and your love. It’s a thing that you are in a relationship with, whether you’re its parent or its ruler.  


But another, equally potent set of metaphors apply to your business as well—An echo chamber. A co-dependent partner. A…prison? Ok, well hopefully it’s not that intense. But even if you don’t feel trapped in your business, oftentimes you are trapped in your business. Like an overbearing parent, you get so close to the thing you love that you fail to see it for the independent entity it truly is.


This, to put it mildly, is a problem. Of course, a lack of outside perspective is bad for any sort of relationship. But in the world of ecommerce, the perspective of those outside the relationship holds much more weight relative to your perspective compared to other types of relationship.


And that’s because how customers view your brand is way, way more important than how you view your brand. And when your business becomes primarily about serving your needs, you’re going to have a problem.


That’s because there’s something fundamentally defining about you that does not define any of your customers: you own the business. No one else is that person. So, in order to reach customers first, the business needs to focus on seeing itself from the perspective of everyone who isn’t you.


Which isn’t to say that you are nothing like your ideal customer. In fact, you probably look an awful lot like your ideal customer—that’s why you started a business based around something you care about. It’s just that your proximity to your brand can become so overwhelming that you forget to take the things that make you and your customer alike into account, and instead become consumed by the thing that makes you different.


And that’s where we come in. Like a codependent couple needs a therapist, business owners need an expert who has seen many clients, diagnosed their problems, and helped them achieve their goals. In relationships, that goal is mutual love and understanding. In ecommerce, that goal is making, as people say these days, “all of the money.”


At CTC, we’ve seen countless brands who are in the same boat as you might be right now, and we’ve coached them through those mistakes by collecting data on what sells and what doesn’t, what brand strategies work and which don’t, which ads grab the customer, and which messages resonate with people—whether you’re selling baseball bats, sunglasses, vehicle cleaner or sportswear.


In short, not only do we have personal outside perspectives, our job is to collect outside perspectives, to evaluate them, and to serve them to you in a way that will reopen your eyes to what made you love the thing you do in the first place.


That’s the idea, anyway. If you want to get in touch with us about bringing your business to the people who want it, email info@commonthreadco.com, and we’ll get started!


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